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Hi all,

I'm new here. Yes, i've seen & read several posts having the same error message as me. But, none solved my issue. The thing is, my ods file was open when there was a power cut. Now, each i try to open my file, the window "text import" pops up. I've selected character set unicode, unicode UTF-7 & 8 and document in use (Document file is locked for editing by : Unknown user) window pops up. Now, i chose open read-only & open copy, both open a blank sheet.

I have tried deleting the lock file with no success. It's a stand alone PC, not connected to the internet, so i don't have antivirus or anti-ransomware installed. I also copied the ods to my laptop (Win 10 & OO 4.1.5), but i still open a blank sheet.

I hope you can help me restore my file. Thank you in advance.


What is the difference between thrower and flooder? What is a Cree T6 LED? What is the focus of a flashlight with focus? How do flashlights manufacturers cheat flashlight users?

In this text, I will tell you in simple language about the basic terms that will help you to choose flashlight exactly for your needs.

Hope you agreee, that you will not choose a car without understanding the difference between a automatic and mechanic transmission?

Ive been planning to write this guidance for those, who plan to choose flashlight for a long time, and now, after several days text is done. So, below are topics ill explain. For most of BLF members, these words are obvious. But each of us has been newbee once…this text is for one them. There will be no advanced things like discussing driver or Hi-CRI, modding etc. Only basic things that will help reader buy an appropriate flashlights and not to waste money.

i`ll start with links to some good non-expensive flashlights. U can try your luck with models of well-known brands. But, believe me, price margin is really large with lots of brand models. So you pay really extra money without any corresponding increase of functionality or build quality.

Sofirn SP32V2.0 Aliexpress(link is external) AMAZON(link is external) Banggood(link is external) for me this is #1 EDC flashlight with 18650 battery below 25$. I got it right after reviewing pair of fresh Fenix EDC models that cost twice more…and SP32 was the same bright, but with way better UI (that is hard to firn UI worse then Fenix have, if we talking about USD15+ price tag). It is compact. Bright. And has good UI. That is all you have to know about this model. If you need something affordable for EDC need, this is what to start from.

Sofirn C8G – awesome thrower. It has 21700 battery, that will give way longer runtime comparing to usual 18650 battery, and that is in almost the same size. It also has stepless brightness adjustment and fully stabilized light. that is really good model that cost (full kit) almost as much as branded 21700 battery. Highly recommended.

Wurrkkos HD15 – currently, that is best deal for buck, when it is about getting unexpensive good headlamp. You get built-in charge, 5000k color temperature, magnet in tailcap and dual-light (!). And full kit will cost you around 25$ )) Yeah, there are some better models. But they start from like 50-60$. HD15 is definetely good headlamp. HD20 is the same, but with more capacious 21700 battery

Sofirn SP33S is awesome mid-range flashlight. Convenient, but not overcomplicated UI, fast built-in charge, bright XHP70.2 LED, 26650 battery.

Mateminco MT70 aka Astrolux MF02S – That is mid-price lumen beast. You get 6000 lumens of neutral white light, awesome mixture of sidelight and throw, looong runtime from 4×18650 battery, full stabilization and convenient UI. Olight\Nitecore\Fenix woud ask you no less then 150-200$ for something similar.

Acebeam K75 absolute photon cannot with SBT 90.2 LED. Super throw with decent sidelight, lots of mode, awesome appearance. You pay a lot, but you get as much as possible.

Acebeam H30. Super bright headlamp. It`s advantage is not 4000 lumens themselves (there are some even brighter model) but ability to sustain 1000lumens, which is incredible for headlamp. And there are 2 additional side light LEDs.

recent by Smorko  ·  5 days ago at 9:03 am
Diablo Senin posted Aug 28 at 12:14 pm

I'd like to spend my pocket money on a casino. Where is the best place to do it? I don't want to lose my money at some fraudulent casinos. I would really like to make a deposit with a big bonus and spin a good slot.

recent by Geowship  ·  Aug 28 at 6:37 pm

LED strips are a good way to decorate your home. With LED strips, you can easily decorate your desktop, mirror, bed, ceiling, etc. They are cheap and easily affordable. Since we are discussing home decor, let's figure out how to install LED strips in a suspended ceiling.
How to install LED strip lights on the ceiling?

I will share with you a step-by-step guide that will help you understand how to install waterproof LED strips.
First, you need to measure the perimeter of the ceiling of the room, which means that you also need to add all the corners. Also measure the distance from the outlet and check if there is a short wire in the power supply.
The outlet should be located next to the power source to avoid additional losses.
To make sure that the LED strips are in good condition and properly designed, you need to think about proper ventilation and air flow.
After you've sorted everything out, glue the LED strips that come with built-in glue. You can also use an external adhesive tape to attach the LED strips.
Whether it's a suspended ceiling or a regular one, this process will help you install LED strips easily. If you cannot measure the room yourself or install lighting, you can call an electrician NoBroker. They will perfectly cope with the installation of LED lamps.
I hope now you understand how to install LED strips.

recent by chrisly0519  ·  Aug 27 at 10:53 pm

Any experience with this or any other add-on. If it is inconvenient for you to talk on the forum, please write to me in a personal account. My son is 20 years old, he trains a ton and builds muscle mass, but tends to use creatine, so he tries to get an education. I'm reading about it, but thought this crowd might have some experience.

recent by Aristafon  ·  Jul 27 at 8:09 am

Hello forum members. I understand that after the registration of LLC it is important to solve several problems at once. What do you think is the best way to start in the first place to achieve success? Do you have any advice for a newbie like me?

recent by Zize55  ·  Jul 8 at 12:27 pm
Paultrium posted Jul 6 at 5:31 pm

I'm spending the past 2 days trying to decide between the below sets (yes--I prefer to just buy an entire damn set):

Veritas (PM-V11)

Lie-Nielsen (A2) + 3 cases of my favorite IPA

Ashley Iles MK2 (O1) + a car payment

Blue Spruce Dovetails (A2) + a divorce

Let's just say that my head is spinning and I definitely feel overwhelmed. I'm leaning toward the Veritas set, though, because I have PM-V11 plane irons and loves how sharp I can get the edge as well as reasonably quick honing.

recent by Ovidiumark  ·  Jul 7 at 6:48 pm

My Whatsapp Status Privacy setting is for viewing "My Contacts except...". Suto my understanding of this means that I like all my contacts to view my status except for the selected zones. I posted the status last night, today when I checked who was viewing my status, I found the mobile phone number that mystatus was viewing! It appears as a normal mobile phone number and is not saved in my contacts. I do not know this number / person, can anyone advise what is going on?

Love breakup statuses in whatsapp?

recent by Harunio082  ·  Jun 16 at 11:41 pm
brianbennett863 posted Apr 30 at 12:48 pm

Well, yesterday my old tractor International caused me a little excitement, driving up to the barn, it caught fire under the dashboard! I pulled it out quickly, but it burned some wires where the throttle cable came out of the bracket and got into the hot ignition switch wire. Actually welded the throttle cable inside the housing, burned the voltage regulator and 3 feet of wiring harness! The repair took a whole day with three trips to NAPA. It's never boring. Oh yes, the fire was in the back of the fuel tank, it's been a long time since I've been moving so fast!

recent by clintmelso  ·  Apr 30 at 1:56 pm

Awarded for its contribution towards the cause of quality in education through exemplary performance in the category of Sports Education, STEM education and Best infrastructure, there is a right blend of curricular and co-curricular activities at Yuvabharathi, the , that aims to ensure holistic development of the students. Music, Dance, Yoga, Theatre, Public Speaking, STEM training, Multi-sports opportunities that include skating, swimming, tinkering lab activities and the like to bring out their latent potential and assure their best possible development.

Holistic development - Best CBSE School in Coimbatore (Yuvabharathi Public School ) - Visit @


Yuvabharathi has been ranked as Number 1 in the city - Top CBSE school in Coimbatore- for three years by the EDUWORLD and the school has made it to the prestigious list of Top 50 Schools that have been recognized as ‘Future 50 Schools Shaping Success’. Having established itself as the in its first decade, it is the third time in a row that Yuvabharathi was conferred as one of the Best Schools in India in 2019 and won accolades for excelling in the categories namely Academic Excellence, Co-curricular activities, STEM Education, Happiness Quotient Index School and the Best CBSE School by Brainfeed School Excellence Awards.

For more details, Visit - Top CBSE School in Coimbatore @


She didn't trust her movers. The only Apple air label proved that she was right. Airbags are used for all sorts of evil purposes. They also turn out to be very useful for many people.'​
For the record, I don't trust movers. As a rule, you have day laborers with dependencies who are often trusted to pack, load, transport, unload and unpack your things. I move every two or three years and always do it myself.

McNulty also knows that relocation companies are not always reliable. It's not just that they can break or lose something. The fact is that, well, they can't always state the facts in a way that they really correspond to reality.

So McNulty inserted an air tag into one of her family's moving boxes of her son's toys. They had a long way to go-from Fort Carson, Colorado, to Fort Drum, New York.

You will be stunned when I tell you that the boxes didn't arrive on time. They were a month late. The promise of delivery on Friday turned into a promise of delivery on Sunday. You know how it is.

SamOlsen posted Feb 28 at 10:44 am

Not sure if this is the correct place for this. But I'm looking for some advice, maybe some one has been through somthing similar?

So basically I had a hearing test recently which showed I had h1 h3 hearing and I was pulled off ship awaiting a medical review and the doctor has mentioned mbos... So I have been going to inm for the last 3 years as I was found to be h1 h2 hearing in 2016 in 2018 I had an appointment at inm and they were happy I was still h1 h2 and did not need to attend any more appointments. I have no idea what's going on I'm basically in the dark until my review. Am I likely to be discharged? I am a WE so I don't know what that means for my trade.

recent by NvMS  ·  Mar 2 at 3:09 pm
brianbennett863 posted Feb 16 at 8:07 pm

I was going to do an FD today, but I've had a very busy week and I feel like I'm about to have a migraine. I don't want to look for excuses not to starve/lose weight, but I also don't want to lie in bed with a migraine for two days. Does anyone have a similar experience?

recent by andrebaker  ·  Feb 17 at 7:44 am
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