Bluxo Rock

Massachusetts, United States
Thu 3rd Jun 2021, 2 years ago

So, who is Bluxo Rock

I am passionate about sound synthesis and analog keyboards.

Led Zepplin, Creed, Tool, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Kings X, Beastie Boys, 2 Live Crew... I could go on all day.

Mostly myself. Not big-headed... It's just what I do.

Pink Floyd ~ Meddle, Tool ~ Aenima, Heart, ~ Little Queen, Rush ~ Moving Pictures.

I try to make it sound like me.

FLStudio Pro. Cakewalk, Studio One, Audacity, LLMS, NHC Mix Pad, Hydrogen Advanced Drum.

PreSonus Audio Box
Zoom R8 Portable Studio
Stage Right Studio Monitors
Yamaha PSR463 Synthesizer
Ibanez Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Zoom H4 Guitar FX Pedal

Kaossilator-Kaosspad Quad-Koassilator Pro
Korg Monotron-Korg NanoPad2-Korg NanoKontrol2
Roland JV1010-Roland PC200MK2 -Boss MicroBR
Mixer Numark-Korg Pandora PX4-Korg Volca Keys- Behringer UMA25S-Roland R8 -Roland Juno2 -Yamaha PSS 270
Technics K700

Was not aware of this reality or the Earthly Plane. Although I held a prominent position at a Lawn and Garden Center and specialized in Mulch.

On/Off Autoplay
White Room-Drake X Cardi B
251 0
BPM: 100 Category: Guitar Acoustic Genre: Trap mp3  DAW: FL Studio
Sad life-Bluxo Rock
244 0
BPM: 135 Category: Guitar Acoustic Genre: RnB mp3  DAW: FL Studio
Gunna type Piano sample
272 0
BPM: 148 Category: Piano Genre: Rap mp3  Key: F DAW: FL Studio
Baby Face-Lil Baby
238 0
BPM: 201 Category: Piano Genre: Trap mp3  Key: Em DAW: FL Studio
137 0
BPM: 135 Category: Guitar Acoustic Genre: Trap mp3  Key: Am DAW: FL Studio
Gunna Type Heavy Metal Loop
131 0
BPM: 130 Category: Guitar Acoustic Genre: Heavy Metal mp3  Key: Bm DAW: FL Studio
91 0
BPM: 123 Category: Drum Genre: Trap mp3  Key: B DAW: FL Studio
Maditaional Melody
100 0
BPM: 145 Category: Guitar Acoustic Genre: RnB mp3  Key: Gm DAW: Pro Tools
Mind blower Dark Bells
208 0
BPM: 148 Category: Bells Genre: UK Drill mp3  Key: C#m DAW: FL Studio
Aggressive Vocal Drill
259 0
BPM: 147 Category: Vocal Genre: UK Drill mp3  Key: A#m DAW: Logic Pro
Arabic Strings
105 0
BPM: 112 Category: Strings Genre: Trap mp3  Key: A#m DAW: FL Studio
Adoreable Acoustic Guitar
90 0
BPM: 153 Category: Guitar Acoustic Genre: Country mp3  Key: C DAW: Logic Pro

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