Loopazon FAQ/TOS


Loopazon.com aims to be the one stop destination for music producers. Download & share audio loops, vocals, samples, tracks, and beats amongst a community of likeminded individuals.

There's no better tool for music makers than loops. Finding them, however, can turn into a demotivating time consuming task. We aim to streamline this process and nurture a community dedicated to learning, discussion, and collaboration.

What is Loopazon?

Loopazon provides the framework to share music bits, chat, and collaborate with likeminded individuals sharing a passion for music production. Built and administered by passionate music folk, we have no greater ambition than to provide the infrastructure and in-ways for the advancement of music.

Who uses Our Music Community Free Samples & Loop Website?

We cater to all levels of musical proficiency. A beautiful thing with loops, you don't need to master an instrument or software to make top chart music. All you need is a good ear to put loops together, in fact most chart topping music today is produced with loops.

Is Loopazon Music Royalty Free?

Yes, free and always will be. We will never have advertisments.


Any audio uploaded to this site agrees with our terms of service, stating you may remix, transform, and build upon the material of this site for any purpose, even commercially. See our terms of service: https://www.loopazon.com/termsofservice

Loop Approval?

All submissions are manually approved, usually within a few hours of posting. Posts may remain unapproved or removed for incorrect tags, category, or genre.

Is the Samples Copyright Free?

Any copyright infringement complaints can be sent to contact@loopazon.com, offending material is removed as soon as possible.

Account & Profile
Can I use the loops in my projects

During the upload process users agree to our terms & conditions and so offer the loops as royalty free and also agree that the loops are their own work. With that said though we do not offer any guarantee as to their validity as its impossible for us to fully vet all uploads. Loops are royalty free as in we nor the uploader requires any financial return for their use. We simply offer a space for people to share their loop creations and make no legal claims, offer no licence or provide any guarantees.

Are the Audio Loops and Music Samples Really Royalty Free?

All the loops and tracks uploaded to Loopazon are by default Royalty Free, unless it is a "Premium loop", in that case the uploader must be contacted for purchase. If you are ripped off for any reason there is unfortunately no way for us to recover you're money, if this occurs let us know and we will take action.

Premium Loops

Unlike the ordinary free loops which everyone can download, Premium loops provide the ability for an uploader to demonstrate their work for sale without allowing the user to download. If a user wishes to purchase they must contact seller via loopazon chat, or email.


How Do I Edit Tracks, Crop or Cut the Audio? Online Audio Editor

To edit a track click the edit icon which is located in the footer of each track that belongs to you. To delete a track click the edit icon and then see the link to delete at the top of the edit form. On the audio editor a user can record vocals on the online free recorder on the audio editor tool that is free. Crop audio, and add loops to the editor from loopazon and splice, cut, conjoin, marry, have an affair with our drum loops, piano sample, the violin melodies will never know, and we wont tell the drum beats.

Limit on Loop Downloads, I'm Out Of Here!

Hold onm there buddy. Because Loopazon is not a track hosting site such as soundcloud and to prevent people flooding the site with tracks we decided to limit track uploads to one track every 24 hours. For example if you upload a track at 11am you wont be able to upload another until 11am the next day. The aim here is to encourage people to upload tracks that are worth uploading rather then uploading something they spent 10 minutes on. 

Yo, My Track Got Suspended, Dawg, Wtf

Chill music making bro, If your track got suspended the chances are that it was found to contain copyright material or was politically incorrect, loopazon politics are strict, if its not yours dont upload it! If it was in some way breaching the Terms of Use, loopazon constitution, we have to say no, leave! We follow copyright law and will act immeditely on any sort of copyright infringement, none of that here.


How Do I Comment On All The Best Free Music Loop Samples

All you have to do is add your comment to the input box at the bottom of the loop. Leaving a rating will send a message to the uploader, notifying them of your (hopefully good) review!

Whats In It For Me, Why Comment?

Why so rude? It is a very nice thing to do, leaving a review or like on a loop that one of our uploader took the time to share is a nice gesture and is surely appreciated. Accomplishment is the greatest feeling a human being can have, next to love, so give them both! We kindly ask if you use a loop or enjoy it to let it be known, words have power, and maybe theres karma so comment or leave a rating.

Who doesn't love a pat on the back? There is so much music talent and wonderful creations to be found out there, here, in loopazon specifically. We hope to promote a community of kind hearted, supportive individuals who are dedicated to making music with loops.

It's requested comments be kept polite. If you don't like something that's fine, but please be considerate with your wording.

By being active around the site, liking and commenting on the samples, music bits, and tracks, you will find your own self getting more exposure, and you might make a friend or two along the way. 

We appreciate you going out of your way to comment, thank you.

Whats a Good Comment on This Piano Bit?

If the acapella or sample was used in making a beat or track you can say thank you and share your link to what you created. Seldom will one meet a beat maker or music producer that truly doesn't appreciate when others like their music. You can comment on what you like or dont like, and give suggestions. Just no inappropriate, or overly mean comments please.

Can I Spam?

Please dont. It's asked you don't post spam reviews, hack the website, or extort us for ransom, thanks! If you do we will be forced to remove the account from the platform. No repeated, same content, posts. No links to off-site business, pages. No asking for followers, friends, or likes. 

Privacy Policy

Loopazon is a strong believer of privacy, and an individuals right to it. Never will your email address or personal information be put in the hands of a 3rd party.


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