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How Music Can Improve Your Mood and Health

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Everyone knows that music can improve your mood. But did you know that it can also have incredible benefits for your health? Research has shown that music has a wide range of benefits, from reducing stress and anxiety to improving blood flow and even post-operative outcomes. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the science behind why music is so beneficial for our health.

Why Musicians Should Prioritize Marketing and Promotion

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music marketing, sell you beats and advertise music

As a musician, you know how important it is to have high-quality instruments, equipment, and software. After all, these are the tools of your trade! But what about marketing and promotion? Too often, musicians skimp on these crucial areas, opting instead to DIY their way to success. The truth is, though, that marketing and promotion are just as important as any other aspect of your musical career. Here's why you should prioritize marketing and promotion for your music.

Reach a Wider Audience with Marketing and Promotion
If you want people to listen to your music, you need to let them know that it exists! Marketing and promotion are essential for getting your music in front of potential fans. Without a solid marketing and promotional strategy, you'll be missing out on opportunities to connect with new listeners.

Build Excitement for Your Music with Marketing and Promotion
In addition to reaching a wider audience, marketing and promotion can also help you build excitement for your upcoming releases. By sharing sneak peeks, teasers, and other content related to your music, you can generate buzz and get people excited about what's to come. Marketing and promotion give you a chance to engage directly with your fans and create a community of supporters who are eagerly awaiting your next release. 

 Invest in Your Music Career with Marketing and Promotion Services 
Marketing and promotion are essential investments for any musician who wants to find success in the industry. At Metric Marketing, we offer affordable marketing and promotion services that can help you reach a wider audience, build excitement for your music, and take your career to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our services or schedule a consultation with one of our team members.

Is Music Good For You?

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benefits of listening to music

You inquired,"Is Music Good For Your Health?"

TLDR: We at loopazon have always thought such, and new research is showing that it indeed very much does. 

If you want to shift your mood quickly, turn on some music.

Music has been shown to increase mood and prevent depression in research. It can also improve blood flow in the same manner as statins do, as well as lower stress-related compounds like cortisol and relieve pain. Prior to surgery, listening to music can even improve post-operative outcomes.

What makes music so beneficial? Music appears to “activated selectively " neurochemical systems and brain regions involved with good mood, emotion control, attention, and memory, according to Kim Innes, a professor of medicine at West Virginia University's School of Public Health.

Innes coauthored a 2016 study that found that listening to music can lower stress levels and increase pleasure and well-being in older people with memory loss. Her research compared the effects of music to those of meditation, a prominent mental-health approach. She observed that both habits were linked to significant improvements in mood and sleep quality. These findings are wonderful if the idea of listening to music instead of meditating appeals to you.

Music, on the other hand, has been found in tests to annoy and agitate people.

Incredible Facts About American Christmas Carols!

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In the first Christian millennium, Easter held a more importance than Christmas. There used to be few music that identified Christmas and Easter. The element that changed this was paganism. We saw a colossal change in Christmas music genres explicitly Carol (a song that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ), which was not for Christmas solely, in the second Christian millennium. The initial phase of carol seems to be so very complex, however there are Anglo-Saxon round moves in its background with choruses that are on repeat and celebrating the winter season.

How to Make a Beat in Ableton: Adding Effects To Your Tracks

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Ableton guide

There is no question that Ableton Live has taken the music making world by storm, and for good reason. It's settings are immense, amazing sounds and melodies can be made with its innovative controls. With using the built in midi notes or instrument presets, its a great starting point to new tracks, beats, loops and samples. It's straight forward to use with huge functionality, and controls down to the most specific sounds. Certain hits, including the most popular hip hop music, are made with midi presets, bass, sample, and instruments, and tuned with Ableton settings. From chords to creating sounds with Hi-Hats, many producers have found Ableton to be their favorite DAW for creating sounds of every sort. It's able to create loops and samples with ease, and it doesn't take a degree in sound design to do music production at a professional level with this music tool.

How Did Christmas Music Start?

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How did Christmas music begin - loopazon Christmas Carols

With the chilly weather it signals the arrival of winter season, which means it’s time to pamper our desire for Christmas again. The best way is to get deeply lost in the Xmas music by Frank Sinatra, Mariah Carey and more. But before indulging into the Christmas music, let’s talk about the history of American Christmas music and get to know the facts about it.

Starting with the most famous Christmas song “Jingle Bells”. We associate this song with Christmas but do you know that this song was originally produced for Thanksgiving, yes you read it right. This song was written in 1857 by James Lord Pierpont to honor Thanksgiving. Another interesting fact about this song is that it is the first song that was performed in space.  The Xmas holiday contained the elements of Christian, Pagan and secular, from Medieval Christmas festivities ahead. The holiday season was celebrated with so much zeal and zest during the 17th and 18th centuries, American colonist used to do mumming practices, containing pranks, costumes, dancing and musical instruments. In the 18th century, sacred Christmas music was written by Boston tanner and composer William Billings. American Christmas music gained immense popularity during the 19th century in the United States, which was developed from various immigrant traditions. Other people also played their part to the popularity of Xmas traditions, one of them was Charles Dickens who put forward his two successful novels “The Pickwick Papers” (1836-7) and “A Christmas Carol” (1843). During this era, the celebrations of Xmas included Christmas caroling which used to happened door-to-door, Christmas cards and living nativity scenes. (Enjoy Christmas music only on

The Best Music Genre: Christmas Music!

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Trust us, there are few men profiles on Tinder which states that they are music fans except for country music and rap. Now, in this era, it is very problematic to talk about yourself in such a way where we have already moved past racism. Omnivority has long gone beyond the challenge, and there are seats around the table to recognize excellence in all genres.

People crave to hear Christmas music in stores at this time of the year because it brings joy and happiness. The best part about traditional Christmas songs is that listening to these songs uplifts the mood and no matter what you are going through, you will feel instant energy in yourself. 

Traditional Christmas songs talking about Jesus, Christmas time, people hustling and bustling, Santa bringing toys, snowy time, party time, jingle bells rocking around a goose, etc. are the most happening songs and they make Christmas music the best genre of all. Following are the pointers that we have gathered after research that proves that the Christmas music genre is the best.

Making Beats on Loopazon

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Make beats for free online with loopazon

Making your own beat has never been easier. For novice or expert alike, Loopazon is the defacto place for music makers. On this platform for music making, one can download from thousands of free loops, most being royalty free. Only some loops, marked premium, are unavailable for download and can only be listened to on the site. To download these loops for sale one must contact the uploader to buy the beat.

More than just free loops, royalty free samples, and free software downloads, loopazon is a community for music makers to come together, and make music. Here you can collaborate with producers, buy a custom music loop, sell your beat, or gain a following for your music. If you are wondering how to get your music heard, you have found the solution. Sell your music for NFT, exclusively on loopazon. For those talented producers uploading royalty free loops to our site, we make promotional posts for them on our instagram and other socials, as thanks for your early support. We have seen to many artists and producers getting substantial followings this way. If you have music bits, samples, or tracks to upload that are original, get in contact and let’s discuss what we can do to get your music heard. Free of charge.

Why Are Millennials Such Fans of Christmas Music?

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Loopazon Christmas Tunes, Free Christmas Loops

Millennials are known to be the generation that hypes almost everything and then be the buzz killer, but they are also the cheesiest generation that we have ever come across as per the new study done by Nielsen. It has been discovered in the survey that 36 percent of our Xmas music lovers are people aged between 18 years to 34 years. This is a shocking discovery for Americans who have seen the rise of streaming era and have witnessed the retail era going down. By comparing the “boomers and beyond” classification of 55 years plus audience there were only 25 percent of holiday music fans. These stats are shocking specifically when only two artists’, later than 1970, holiday music was played on the radio out of the top 10 Christmas songs which were Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you” and Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “Christmas Eve/Sarajevo.”. Talking about Mariah’s “All I want for Christmas is you” it was produced in 1994, but still today it is alive in our hearts and it makes its place straight to the top of the charts around this season. Superstars like Ariana Grande and Fifth Harmony also came up with their versions of Mariah’s song to give it a millennial touch, not only this Mariah herself recorded this song with Justin Bieber and presented it to the younger audience.

How to: Write The Christmas Music | Loop for Xmas songs

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How to write the perfect Christmas music loop

Writing a Christmas song is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a certain connection and feelings attached to the song that every person can relate to. Famous pop stars like Elvis, Shakey, Cliff Richard, mark Smith sang their best versions of Santa songs at their time. And it is an extreme precision to deliver a song that is simple yet connectable.

Different people have different perceptions about xmas music. Some musicians, like those on, like to create music that is not only amusing on Christmas but other occasions as well. Whereas, some like to create pure Christmas music that is relatable to everyone celebrating the merry holidays. With this approach, there has been a huge variety of music which includes both types of music that is mentioned before. To create soulful music, it is essential to think out of the box and there is no harm in breaking some rules if you are getting perfect music for your audience which serves as a treat to their ears. We have an example of Marvin Gaye’s “Christmas In The City” which is not relatable by anyone and it seems like an office party song. To create a smash hit Christmas party music, follow the guidelines below.

Music that depicts love for Christmas


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