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Loopazon has a great collection of music loops. If you join our music community, you will download loops without any limits. 

On/Off Autoplay
43 0
BPM: 150 Category: Mandolin Genre: Trap mp3  Key: F#m DAW: FL Studio
39 0
BPM: 100 Category: Harpsichord Genre: Hip Hop mp3 
Harp Loop Free Music
10 0
BPM: 100 Category: Harp Genre: Orchestral mp3 
7 0
BPM: 82 Category: Harmonica Genre: Jazz mp3 
8 0
BPM: 90 Category: Groove Genre: Hip Hop mp3 
4 0
BPM: 120 Category: Fx Genre: Ambient mp3 
Go with the flow loops!
14 0
BPM: 100 Category: Flute Genre: Trap mp3  Key: Am DAW: FL Studio
4 0
BPM: 90 Category: Guitar Electric Genre: Hip Hop mp3 
6 0
BPM: 140 Category: Drum Genre: Trap mp3 
Blend in Free Loop
13 0
BPM: 170 Category: Didgeridoo Genre: Pop mp3  Key: F# DAW: FL Studio
9 0
BPM: 160 Category: Clarinet Genre: Hip Hop mp3  Key: A DAW: FL Studio
9 0
BPM: 160 Category: Choir Genre: Trap mp3  Key: Fm DAW: FL Studio

Royalty Free Music Samples

Download Free Music Samples, Free Music Loops, Sound Effects, Acapella & Vocals or collaborate with music makers, discuss and learn on our Music Forum. Check out the Music Articles for Fruity Loops Tutorials and learn how to use FL Studio to make beats, Pro Tools, Logic, and Ableton to make music loops. VST, Daw Plugin downloads, and Music Software are available for download. Free Music Samples (Royalty Free Samples), Audacity Loops, Sample Sounds Free, Royalty Free Music, download software for music production or edit Tracks online with the Audio Edit Tool to splice together beats to record a hook over your hit song! 

Vocals, Acapellas, Voice, Raps, and Spoken Word

Download from our compendium of Vocal Samples & free Drum Loops to create music now. You can find Male Vocals, Female Vocals, Pop Beats, and Piano Samples in a variety of Music Keys, Genres, Categories, and BPM Tempos.

Free Audio Loops, Samples, Wavs & Sounds

Every day new Audio Loops & Samples are shared for Royalty Free Download, Bass Synth, Violin, FX, Flute Percussion sound effects and more. Free Loop Instrument Packs and Loop Downloads for Hip Hop, Guitar Acoustic Strings, Electronic Piano, Chill Out, UK Drill, Drum And Bass are regularly shared on our website for use in Tracks by music makers, music making professionals and aspiring producers that come to Loopazon for Free Loop downloads every day. Purchase custom beats or sell beats online by uploading your audio file as a Premium Loop or Premium Track or as a NFT Beat for sale on our music marketplace, you can do it right from the free to use browser Audio Editing Tool!

Free Plugins, VST, Plugins & Soundpacks

Browse the selection of Free Music Software. Choose from Virtual Instruments, Plugins and Audio Apps for Fl Studio, Ableton, Logic, and the best Digital Audio Workstation you prefer. VST and Beat Audio Packs are here and you can convert audio files to MP3, M4A, or FLAC with the free Music Editing Tool. There are Free Windows Music Programs for Download and Linux OS Audio Software is available for you to make the perfect loop, beat, or music track, we hope your music file will be shared with us, we'd love to hear it on Loopazon!

Music Loops and Free Samples

Looking for free VST plugins, music software DAW's and VST Instrument Packs? Loopazon is packed with free audio Looping Software to create loops in any music DAW program, or create, cut, crop, edit music with our online Audio Editor browser tool for making Beat Samples Online easy, you can use our Country Music Sample Packs for it, or rap type beats that are Royalty Free and the best loops online. Free Audio Files and Hip Hop Pop Beats for sampling in your audio production tool of choice. Professional free music program's for download, WAV music converter and How To Create Beats, Tutorial Music Making Guides, VST Plugins that work with FL Studio audio pack downloads, music community and Track production tips to learn. Royalty Free musical loops, samples, and audio packs with all the best instrumentals and instruments for FL Studio and more, just leave a rating for the audio uploader please!

Free Pack Samples

There are a variety of Free sample packs available for download online that can be used in music production software such as FL Studio, Waveform, Acid and the most popular DAWs. These packs typically include loops, samples, tracks, and audio MIDI files that can be imported into a DAW for use in beat making or other music production tasks. Some most popular free VST plugins that can be used to create beats and loops include Glitch2, and DrumCore4 Lite for fl studio. Additionally, there are many free instrument packs available for download here that can be used in conjunction with a MIDI controller to create custom sounds and melodies.

Samples for Music

Free samples download and best free royalty loops can be found here. Drum beats, Acapella bit, and Vocal Sample packs are just a click away. If you're looking to sell loops online our easy to use interface makes it simple to create and upload your loops royalty free or for a price. No more searching for the best loops, Loopazon is a great source for producers who want to create their own beats and music tracks. We have thousands of royalty free audio loops to download, making it easy to find the perfect free audio file for your music production. Discuss on our music forum with music producers from around the world and collaborate on beats, request custom beats, form a band, and gain a following here at Loopazon.

Download Free Loops

Finding the best free loops for your music production can be a time consuming process, it used to be! At Loopazon you have thousands of royalty free audio loops to choose from, download. Whether you're looking for hip hop loops, piano loops, drum bits, free sample packs for fl studio, audio loop downloads, piano melodies, rnb drums samples, acoustic guitar samples, or vocal audio downloads, you can find it here.

FL Studio Beat Packs

FL Studio Beat Packs are a great way to get started making music with FL Studio. We have packs that include all of the sounds, samples, instruments, and effects you need to create professional sounding beats in no time with our free music packs for fl studio that are just a click away. If you're looking for classic country music samples, check out the Country Music Sample Packs. The free music packs include drum loops packs, bass lines, and other instrument sounds that will give your beats and tracks that authentic country, rock or hip hop sound. Download plugins for FL Studio on our free music software downloads page.

Digital Audio Workstation

There are thousands of free Digital Audio Workstation plugins available for download on Loopazon. These plugins add new features and capabilities to your DAW, or they can be used to improve the sound quality of your recordings. Some of the most popular are guitar amp simulators, drum machines, and we have the best audacity and fl studio plugins for vocals. There are plugins for stereo imaging, equalization, compression, reverb, and many other VST downloads. If you're looking for free daw software, there are a number of excellent free music programs to download. Free GarageBand plugins and Logic Pro instruments are a popular choice for Mac users, while Audacity and Ableton is a good option for Windows users, but FL Studio is the most popular with our music makers all around, we have the best free fl studio plugins to take your music production to the next level and produce great music, beats, and samples, that we hope you'll share!

Free Online Audio Editor Tool

Check out our free online audio editor tool that lets you edit loops and crop audio online. Remove vocals from a track and make loops. You can also remove vocals from tracks and cut out audio. With the easy to use audio editor interface you can add loops with a click and record yourself or upload an existing audio file sample and start editing right away. Trim the beginning and end of your track, or cut out sections in the middle. No FL studio needed, awesome!

Free VST Plugins

Looking for free VST plugins, Music Production Software, DAW's and VST Instrument Packs? Use Loopazon's free audio sample Looping Software to create loopback music in any DAW program and cut, crop, splice, or add effects and edit music online with the Audio Editor browser tool for Chrome and Safari. Make Beat Samples easy with Country Sample Packs and Rap Type Beats with thousands of Royalty Free Music Samples & Loops to choose from. Download Free Audio Files or Electronic Guitar Pop Beats for sampling in your song, EDM, Flute, drum, we have it. Professional and beginner friendly free music software for download and use with our Acoustic Guitar samples, Synthesizer Sounds, WAV Loops, music converter, Midi and How To Make Beat tutorials, and find the best VST Plugins for FL Studio, audio resamplin  for musical Track production. Sell your loop online or buy a custom beat, premium music track, and the best instruments to download for FL Studio and Garageband, free and paid plugins can be bought or downloaded free, upload and choose to upload your audio free or for sale.