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Drum Industrial Loop Sample

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This 95 bpm Industrial Drum loop was shared by the member toloxo. We encourage you to leave a review and show your appreciation for any loop you download, and if you do something great with it please let the uploader know! To learn how to make music with loops check out our articles, or stop by the forum and collaborate with other music makers.
BPM: 95 Format: mp3 Category: Drum Genre: Industrial

If you're looking for a track that blends elements of digital hardcore, space fiction, rhythmic noise and experimental music into an innovative and futuristic soundscape, then look no further. This loop is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a unique auditory experience. It features layers of driving synth beats, distorted bass lines and glitchy percussion to create an otherworldly atmosphere. With its powerfully raw and emotive sound, this loop will add a touch of futuristic flair to your next project. Whether you're creating a video game soundtrack or an atmospheric music score, this track will take your production to the next level. Get lost in its mesmerizing rhythms and let its unique energy fuel your creative vision.

  • 95
  • mp3
  • Drum
  • Industrial
File name: loopazon-1673923259-drum-industrial-loop
File size: 314 Kb

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