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Form a band online, promote your music, buy custom beats, sound parts, and share your Beat or Track as a Royalty Free loop with us. Collaborate to make beats online with the best loop makers from around the world on the Forum for musicians and beat makers. Keep up to date with Music News and learn from FL Studio Video Tutorials and the articles on the Blog. Free DAW Music Software downloads, VST and Instrument Packs for FL Studio, Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, and how to use the most popular free DAW Software, Fruity Loop Plugins, MIDIs and more.

Music Making Video Tutorial Guides. Learn how to make sample beats for beginners, step by step video tutorials for FL Studio, Ableton, Logic Pro, DAWs, VSTis & More

Video Tutorial: Get Vocals to Sit Perfectly in the Mix - Recording Revolution

Get Vocals to Sit Perfectly in the Mix: A Step-by-Step Music Production Guide... With This Music Video Tutorial! Mixing vocals is an art that can make or break a song. Achieving the perfect balance where the vocals seamlessly integrate with the music requires skillful music production techniques. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into a YouTube video titled "Get Vocals to Sit Perfectly in the Mix." The video demonstrates step-by-step music production, focusing on four crucial elements: Compression, Aggressive Compression, SSL Compression, and Pro EQ. Let's dive in and learn how to take our vocal mixing skills to the next level.

How To Make A Beat With Apple Loops

Are you looking to make music with Apple Loops? Then this video guide is for you! Join Youtuber Charles Cleyn, with over 109,000 subscribers as he takes you through the steps of making a beat with Apple Loops. This great tutorial will help take your music production skills to the next level. Website: #logicprox #appleloops #musicproduction Charles Cleyn 

How To Make Modern Trap Beats in 2023 - Prod By Nar

Prod By Nar, a new youtube creator with great music tutorials! Are you looking to make modern trap beats in 2023? Look no further! In this Prod By Nar video tutorial, I'll show you how to create a unique and current sound using the latest production techniques. You'll learn how to find the right samples, layer sounds, and mix your beats with professional-level results. Learn all of this in just a few minutes! Tags: type beat,making a type beat,making beats,how to make a beat,fl studio tutorial,fl studio beginner tutorial,fl studio beats,how to make a future type beat,how to make a southside type beat,how to make trap beats,how to make modern beats,how to make beats for beginners,how to make modern trap beats,how to make a lil baby type beat,how to make a young thug type beat,how to make modern hiphop beats,how to make trap melodies,how to make ethnic beats

How To Make HARD Beats In 2023 | FL Studio Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will see how to craft the perfect beat from scratch with Dirkey (4.5k subscribers). This is a new Youtube creator, but he has great music tutorials! This guide covers everything from setting up your project file and making a simple beat all the way through creating unique melodies and drum patterns. By the end of this tutorial, you'll have all the knowledge needed to make hard beats like Lil Baby or Wheezy! Tags: fl studio tutorial, simple beats tutorial, lil baby tutorial, wheezy beat tutorial, how to make wheezy beats, wheezy type beat, lil baby type beat, lil baby type beat 2022, wheezy type beat 2022, lil baby fl studio tutorial, wheezy fl studio tutorial, fl studio 21, how to make beats, how to make beats for beginners, fl studio 21 tutorial, trap beats, how to make trap beats, beginner fl studio tutorial, sample tutorial, how to make samples from scratch, how to make melodies in fl studio, how to make dark beats, how to make hard beats, dark beat tutorial, hard beat tutorial, trap beat tutorial, dirkey, fl studio beat tutorial, melody tutorial fl studio, how to make metro boomin type beat, how to make 808mafia type beat, how to make better beats, how to make simple beats, simple beats, dark beats tutorial, how to make simple dark beats, how to make beats from scratch, beats from scratch, type beat 2023, fl studio 21 tutorial, hard beats in 2023, beats in 2023, trap beats, how to make beats in 2023, 2023 type beat tutorial, hard beats tutorial Want to learn how to make hard rap beats in FL Studio? In this tutorial, Dirkey (4.5k subscribers) will show you step-by-step how to craft the perfect beat from scratch. This guide covers everything from setting up your project file and making a simple beat all the way through creating unique melodies and drum patterns. By the end of this tutorial, you'll have all the knowledge needed to make hard rap beats like Lil Baby or Wheezy!

How To Sell Beats Without Beatstars [How To Sell Beats 2023]

Are you a music producer looking to make money from your beats? In this video Sample Source (3,000 subscribers) will show you how to use Beatstars and other platforms to sell your music in 2021. You'll learn the best strategies for setting up an account, pricing your beats and marketing them effectively. Plus, I share my top tips for getting more sales and growing your fanbase!

Ableton Live 11 Tutorial Video Guide

The " Ableton Live 11 For Beginners " by  TAETRO  with almost 250,000 subscribers, is an incredibly comprehensive guide to one of the most powerful digital audio workstations (DAWs) on Loopazon.  Additionally, the tutorial covers advanced topics such as automation and sidechaining, allowing you to craft more dynamic and intricate sounds with ease. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for new ways to refine your existing productions, this must-read tutorial has something for everyone! Moreover, it also includes detailed information about using external hardware with Ableton Live 11, making it easy for producers to incorporate their favorite synthesizers and other devices into their music. If you are looking to take your music production skills to the next level, then look no further than Ableton Live 11 Tutorial Video Guide by TAETRO on YouTube. TAETRO’s video tutorial guide is an essential resource for people of all levels, from beginner producers and DJs, to seasoned professionals.

Serum DAW Video Guide

The " How To Make ANY Sound You Want (Serum Sound Tutorial) " by MHA  is an incredibly comprehensive and in-depth guide to getting the most out of this powerful digital audio workstation. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced producer, you can be sure that this tutorial has something to offer. It begins with an introduction to the program’s interface, goes into details about its sound engine and synthesis capabilities, and provides advice on how best to use it for creating professional-sounding music. With topics ranging from basic music production workflow tips to advanced topics such as automation and sidechaining, you’ll find everything you need to get up and running with SERUM DAW. Additionally, it covers some of the more advanced features such as using external hardware with SERUM DAW, so producers looking for ways to incorporate their favorite synthesizers and other devices can be sure that they’re using these tools in the optimal way when producing music. All in all, this must-read guide is packed with information that offers producers a great way to quickly become familiar with  SERUM DAW  and its numerous features so they can start making outstanding tracks right away! The tutorial also provides an introduction to sound design, with MHA taking you through the different techniques and methods you can use to create complex sounds. It covers topics such as subtractive synthesis, FM synthesis, granular synthesis, additive synthesis – all of which are key processes in creating powerful sounds. You'll learn how to get the most out of these methods and how to combine them to create a unique, one-of-a-kind sound. In addition, the guide will also provide you with tips on creating your own samples and presets, as well as mastering techniques that are designed to take digital audio production to the next level. All in all, this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the tools and techniques you need to become a SERUM DAW guru and create professional-sounding tracks in no time. If you're serious about taking your music production skills to the next level, then this tutorial is sure to be an invaluable resource!

Ableton Live 11 - Full Tutorial For Starters

This video is an in depth look at Ableton Live 11 and all the new features. Learn how to use each part of this amazing software, from recording live with your instruments and vocals, to mixing with effects and mastering tools. Ableton Live 11 is the latest version of the popular digital audio workstation for musicians, producers and DJs. This tutorial will get you up to speed with all the new features in Ableton Live 11. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use the newest version of Ableton Live for all your production needs!

How to Make Drill Loops | Video Tutorial

Learn how to make a drill melody with this music making video guide. A great Drill tutorial for FL Studio and perhaps even if you use other DAW software in your loop making. There is many royalty free drill drum loops, UK drill piano, edm drill samples, and more to be found on the  loops page. We hope you consider sharing your new FL Studio Drill loop with us among our thousands of royalty free loops. Feel free to promote your work on the forum, or start up a chat with others on the instant messaging.  Happy learning! Video Credit: Jay Cactus TV Beatstars: JayCactus Instagram: JayCactusMusic Twitter: Jay Cactus Facebook: Jay Cactus

Beginners Guide to Music Production, Full TUTORIAL for Starters!

The " Beginners Guide To Music Making " provides a comprehensive introduction to the world of music production. Aimed at those who are just starting out, this tutorial covers all the basics of music production, such as setting up a workspace and sound system, understanding MIDI messages and audio formats, as well as software-specific topics such as virtual instruments, plugins, effects and automation. Additionally, it offers tips on advanced topics such as layering multiple tracks or creating complex rhythmic patterns. Furthermore, it offers advice on making the most of your studio time by optimizing workflow and being creative with ideas. It also explains how to mix a track to achieve the desired sound and apply mastering techniques to make it radio-ready. Finally, this guide includes helpful advice on using external hardware with your DAW in order to create unique sounds that can take your productions to new heights. With its comprehensive information and easy-to-follow instructions, this tutorial is an essential read for anyone wanting to get started with making music! If you enjoy like, and please comment!


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