EPK: How to assemble an electric press kit


Are you ready to get the word out about your music?

If you want to take your music career to the next level, you need an EPK. An EPK is a tool for booking gigs, getting featured in the media, getting sync deals, and finding advocates who'll help spread the word about your music.

The EPK is a brand-new approach to market your music. What exactly does it have to contain? What's the point of having one? And how does it appear? Continue reading to learn the answers to these and other questions, and get ready to construct your own EPK.

How to Get New Ideas For Your Next Song


How long has it been since you last listened to music?

When was the last moment you listened to music with intension? The fact is that the majority of us listen to music in a passive manner. We conceive of it as entertainment, a background music to our life while we concentrate on something. Listening to music, on the other hand, may be a fantastic source of information and inspiration for artists. All of this, though, is only possible if we practice active listening.

How to Write Songs With Field Recordings


In 1899, Ludwig Koch, then eight years old, recorded a popular shama on his father's wax cylinder recorder. Schaeffer invented the word "musique concrète" in the 1940s to describe the compositional process of looping, splicing, and reversing organic sounds. Together with John Cage, Brian Eno's ambient music was inspired by a spell in the hospital in the 1970s. He changed the way he listened, focusing on the beauty of soundscapes interacting as one. Artists using field recordings continues to rise as access and exposure to the activity grows. We've put up this guide with the help of musicians and intermedia artists to highlight field recording as a tool for sound and personal exploration and provide a general framework for how you might incorporate it into your own creative process.

15 Essential Music Production Tips


1.The Producer, Not the Gear:

Give a great producer even just decent gear and he'll still manage to produce quality results. Learn to use the equipment you have, as well as other mic approaches.
Tip: Learn the fundamentals of acoustics, recording, and mixing on a computer.

Tips To Enhance Your Singing Voice


Not everybody is born with a perfect singing voice, some have to work really hard on it. But don't worry as we have got you covered. This article is all about enhancing your singing voice by following some simple and amazing tips.

Tips To Brand Yourself as a Musician


In this digital era, it’s really important for musicians to brand themselves to stand in the crowd. Artists work really hard to make their music stand out but they also need to work on their online presence to attract eyeballs. Below is the guideline to help you promote your work worldwide.

7 Most Important Sections for Your Artistic Website


Who needs a website until they are famous enough that hundreds and thousands of fans are googling their name? That’s a common misconception among musicians. You as a musician must have an impressive website. Especially, at the beginning of your career.

A Guide To Music Copyrights.


As a creator, creating, protecting, and monetizing copyright is the essence of what musicians do. It’s the most basic and fundamental concept upon which this whole industry is standing. So what is copyright anyway? Copyright is a kind of property, but an intellectual one! Its intangible means it doesn’t exist in physical form but still your property. Your music is your brand child and it has a certain value. To claim ownership of your music it needs to be original and fixed. By original I mean, unique and yours. You can’t take someone else’s work and add a few notes or lyrics here and there to make it sound new it has to be 100% new. Plus it has to be fixed meaning is somewhat physical form may it be just on paper or a full flashed studio recording.

5 Tips To Promote Your Music Via Paid Social Media Ads


Musicians tend to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on musical instruments, equipment, software and other tools that help them in creating music but when there is a time to market or promote their music they do not see the need to spend on it. They still believe in old thinking that people will automatically hook to their music if it is great, so there is no need to spend money in promotions. But the reality is around 40,000 songs were uploaded in 2019 to Spotify each day and it is growing rapidly since then. This has created a strong competition to get the attention of people in the pool of songs. Musicians need to promote their songs carefully to stand out in the crowd and one such way is to promote via social media.

The Most Powerful Gear For A Guitarist


As a guitarist purchasing the guitar will probably be the highest invested item but there are numerous gears from being important to not-so important..

Let’s dive into the most essential gears all the guitarist should own.


Until you intend to go on 100% freestyle, select a few picks. The best is to shop them in packs, saving a few bucks plus you are going to lose some so it is better to have them in packs. Keep a generous supply of picks from prominent manufacturer such as Fender, Dunlop etc. along with few alternatives based on the genre of music.