Tips To Enhance Your Singing Voice


Not everybody is born with a perfect singing voice, some have to work really hard on it. But don't worry as we have got you covered. This article is all about enhancing your singing voice by following some simple and amazing tips.

How To Be A Good Singer?

Controlling Pitch

The key is to have a control over your pitch which means not to get carried away or losing the focus on some high or low notes, which is a sign of no control over your pitch or voice.

Voice Support

Enhance your vocal code by doing some simple muscle in throat exercises, continuous vocal practices, and some breathing techniques etc. Only a good vocal support can produce a good singing voice.

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If you want to be a good singer you need to work on your volume such as not every song is of high notes, learn the difference by practicing on high and low notes along with the style that works best not only for the music but for your vocal cords as well.


Be well aware of your vocal cords as to what pitch suits you. Biggest you don't want to lose your voice by practicing wrong pitches.

Your Own Voice

The most important tip is to sing in your own voice and not to copy any artist because you are you and you want to sell your real voice.

How To Improve Your Singing Voice?

Work On Weak Spots

Record yourself singing and look for your weak spots by comparing your singing to the original singer. Find mistakes like if you hit the wrong note or you had breathing issues.


As we all know “practice makes perfect”, you need to work daily on your voice, look for workouts that will it strengthen your vocal cords and improve the range. Practice singing for around 30 minutes a day.

Vocal Exercise

Warm up exercises are very necessary In order to have a perfect singing voice. Such as humming to warm up your vocal muscles.

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Breathing Patterns

If you want a strong singing voice then you need to have a strong breath. Breathing exercises also reduces your stress and make your mind fresh. Take long breaths while inhaling and exhaling plus hold your breath for a while in between.

Voice Care

To be a good singer you need to care extra for your voice and try to avoid activities that puts extra stream on it. Drink eight glasses of water in order to keep your vocal muscles hydrated.


Uh correct posture produces more effective voice. A good posture helps the air moving through your throat, and help you in singing high notes. It is advised to practice singing while laying down straight on the floor by completely relaxing your body.


Perfecting the art of Enunciation will help you produce good singing voice that will help you sing louder and clear notes. Practice saying vowels A-E-I-O-U by standing in front of a mirror and see how your jaw moves.

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Face Muscles

Daily stretching of face and neck muscles make them flexible and you can then have a control over them. Practice some actions that will help you loosen those muscles, such as wide smiling, eyes rolling and eyebrows arching.

Think Down

If you think that you can hit high notes by singing to the highest pitch then you are completely wrong and you need to think down because singing to the highest pitch will only damage your vocal muscles. Try free crying in order to great perfect high notes while singing.

Steady Beat

If you are unsure about whether you have a steady beat or not, you need to buy a metronome. Practice singing with it to have a steady tempo. Moreover, there are several apps available on the Internet to help you maintain a steady beat.


No matter what you do confidence is one of the major element. If you have no confidence on yourself and your talent let me tell you you will fail miserably. If your voice will be confident then you won't need any extra elements do reach your audience, your voice will speak for itself.

Tips To Brand Yourself as a Musician


In this digital era, it’s really important for musicians to brand themselves to stand in the crowd. Artists work really hard to make their music stand out but they also need to work on their online presence to attract eyeballs. Below is the guideline to help you promote your work worldwide.


One of the major tools for musicians is to have their own website where their fans can go and learn about their favorite musician. In this way you give a platform for your fans and journalists to come over and look at your struggle and your achievements.

One of the cheapest option available to build a website is WordPress website plus if you are into manually handling the designing process then you can go for Wix but if you are into creating a good creative website then you can definitely check squarespace, you need to purchase a domain name but there you can get some creative high end designs.

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Following are the list of pages that you should have in your website:


This page basically includes your bio, history and achievements.


This page includes your youtube videos, Spotify links and other site options where your fans can Can check your work in just one go.


This page includes your reviews from fans or journalists along with the interviews if you have had any.


This page might cost you a bit but it's totally worth it. You need to place your merch like T shirts, mugs, key chains etc plus you can include an MP3 download option and you can also please your CD for fans to buy.

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This page includes all the necessary information for fans and journalists to contact you and your team for events and for some other stuff.

There should also be a subscribe button for newsletter subscription in order to be updated about your upcoming music and events.

Professional Ethics

Being in the music industry is not easy so you need to maintain professional communication with people across the industry. Be nice to your team, to your fans and the journalists they are doing great job in promoting you and do have a check on your fellow industry members, try sharing their successful work on your platform they will definitely recommend you.

Professional & Personal Mix

You need to have a perfectly balanced mix of your professional and personal life as your fans love to get involved in your personal life because they listen to your music Andy treat you as part of their family so they also want to be a part of your family.

Posting Fun Content

Your audience is more likely to be involved in your day and are more interested to know about your upcoming music so it's better to post some BTS or something to give them an idea about your upcoming game. So be consistent in posting content on all your platforms and yes, don't forget to upload your music on the front music sharing apps.

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Professional Press Content

Try to get your professional photoshoot done so that you have high resolution pictures to post on your platforms. Get your hands on amazing journalist who can write an article about your work very deeply so that you can put your foot forward.


Electronic press kit is a PDF file which includes your high resolution Picture along with the bio to your band, latest content and clickable links to your social platforms.

Updated Social Media

People Are more interested in updating social media where they can find your latest releases and your upcoming content as well. One thing to keep in mind is not to post too much so that it looks cluttered but you need to make your audience aware about your upcoming content.

Supporting Fellow Artists

Support your fellow musicians, share their work with your audience and they will share yours. This is a two way thing and this is how you build your base in this industry.

Seek Press

Lift up your game by finding some amazing music journalists, bloggers and magazines that will happily share your work.

7 Most Important Sections for Your Artistic Website


Who needs a website until they are famous enough that hundreds and thousands of fans are googling their name? That’s a common misconception among musicians. You as a musician must have an impressive website. Especially, at the beginning of your career.

A Guide To Music Copyrights.


As a creator, creating, protecting, and monetizing copyright is the essence of what musicians do. It’s the most basic and fundamental concept upon which this whole industry is standing. So what is copyright anyway? Copyright is a kind of property, but an intellectual one! Its intangible means it doesn’t exist in physical form but still your property. Your music is your brand child and it has a certain value. To claim ownership of your music it needs to be original and fixed. By original I mean, unique and yours. You can’t take someone else’s work and add a few notes or lyrics here and there to make it sound new it has to be 100% new. Plus it has to be fixed meaning is somewhat physical form may it be just on paper or a full flashed studio recording.

5 Tips To Promote Your Music Via Paid Social Media Ads


Musicians tend to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on musical instruments, equipment, software and other tools that help them in creating music but when there is a time to market or promote their music they do not see the need to spend on it. They still believe in old thinking that people will automatically hook to their music if it is great, so there is no need to spend money in promotions. But the reality is around 40,000 songs were uploaded in 2019 to Spotify each day and it is growing rapidly since then. This has created a strong competition to get the attention of people in the pool of songs. Musicians need to promote their songs carefully to stand out in the crowd and one such way is to promote via social media.

The Most Powerful Gear For A Guitarist


As a guitarist purchasing the guitar will probably be the highest invested item but there are numerous gears from being important to not-so important..

Let’s dive into the most essential gears all the guitarist should own.


Until you intend to go on 100% freestyle, select a few picks. The best is to shop them in packs, saving a few bucks plus you are going to lose some so it is better to have them in packs. Keep a generous supply of picks from prominent manufacturer such as Fender, Dunlop etc. along with few alternatives based on the genre of music.

Tips for Promoting your Music on Tiktok


Are you on Tiktok?

Tiktok has grown massively catering over 689 monthly users worldwide and is still in the phase of rapid growth. Being an artist, you must know the use of Tiktok to catch maximum eye balls.

Among all the platforms, Tiktok is considered to be the best medium to showcase your musical talent as it was initially launched with the name “” where short videos (basically lip-synced) were shared by users. The app was created for music and dance related content which is now famous for creating content from any genre and giving users a wide platform to showcase their talent.

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Renowned artists credit their success to Tiktok just like Lil Nas X who’s one song “Old Town Road” got on everyone’s tongue just because he shared a clip of it on Tiktok and it got viral globally. Such stories are not very common but still this platform is giving people recognition in their fields by making anything viral within no time. Tiktok should be in your marketing plan in order to get eyes on your content.

This article will cover few steps of getting on Tiktok along with few strategies.

Getting on Tiktok!

You can get your music on Tiktok either via

a) a Distributor or b) Uploading a video.

Using a Distributor

This is the best and recommended way of getting music on Tiktok because if you have officially released a song, there are high chances that your song will be available on Tiktok library (you need to take confirmation from your distributor about this). In this way, Tiktok will have a right and you’ll be credited every time your song is being played either by you or other users.

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Uploading a Video

This method comes in handy when you have not officially released a song, make a small video with your song being played at the background and use artist and sing name in title (you can only edit once). Tiktok will charge you for copyright infringement if you use it with an already released song on Tiktok. No one will be able to search the song and no credits will be given to you.

Getting exposure on Tiktok!

The two main strategies to get exposure on your music is to either become Content Creator or Collaborate with other users on Tiktok.

Becoming a Content Creator

This option is best for people who are not camera shy and want to run things as per their will as this option gives you a liberty of being a boss of your own and share your music directly with your followers. This will help you in generating a real active fan following sharing same taste in music.

This sounds really simple but it’s time and energy consuming hence I am sharing a list of tips that might be helpful for you.

  • Stick to a niche: Your niche is music so you should post content related to music only and don’t confuse audience by sharing other random videos.
  • Use hashtags: Use relevant hashtags as it helps Tiktok algorithm to sort your content and place in front of right targeted audience.
  • Short videos: Keep your content to 10 seconds videos as it will help algorithm to get good number of eyes on your video by repeatedly playing it.
  • Post consistently: In any field, consistency is the key so it is really important to be consistent with your content and post at least twice or thrice a day.
  • Creat unique and eye-catching content: You must create engaging content that helps people in knowing your talent and journey in polishing your skills along with the instruments you use to create your content.

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Taking other users on board

This option is for the people who know that they will not be consistent in creating content so they should hire other renowned users on Tiktok having huge fan following. You need to contact them via DM or Email but there is no asperity of hearing a Yes from every user. The key is to be gentle and patient when contacting the users and showing them an attractive part of your music that they cannot resist to say Yes.

Five Amazing Facts About MIDI


MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface which is basically a tool to convey commands from humans to devices used by producers in different environments i.e. MIDI controllers, messages, files, and channels. It is considered to be an indispensable element of the digital music maker’s collection. This article focuses on five interesting facts that you may not be familiar with instead of listing down every single term that deals with MIDI.

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You can understand, read, and write your own MIDI bytes!

MIDI messages are a mixture of Status Bytes and Data Bytes. The type of information contained by the data byte is described by status byte such as a message Note On is shown upon pressing a key on the MIDI keyboard. This message contains one status byte and two data bytes which encloses the pitch and speed of the keys at which you pressed.

A detailed tutorial of byte-by-byte look by Dominique Vandenneucker of Arpege Music can be checked here for a better understanding of the MIDI performance.

It is weighty to code MIDI activities in this manner, understanding is more important while troubleshooting the issue. For example, a recent issue occurred where the MIDI clip changed the synth preset. The preset was changed back to the original but the problem was still there and it automatically keeps getting changed until I realize that the clips that were used had program change messages, so this concludes that MIDI messages control functions.

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This has been taken for granted in most DAWs and devices so far, but the technical standard was created by two world-class blue-chip manufacturers Roland's Ikutaro Kakehashi and Sequential Circuits’ founder Dave Smith. With the help of their collaboration, we are able to use one type of connection instead of many. For the remarkable work done by Kakehashi and Smith, they were rewarded with Technical Grammy in 2013.

Your idols possibly use MIDI for their live shows

Since the era of Kakehashi and Smith, new and reliable protocols such as Dante have appeared but MIDI is still widely used to control functions. 

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MIDI is slow compared to other data streams

MIDI bytes are not synced to receiving device which means they are asynchronous. Small variations occur between a MIDI device and a receiving device’s internal clock system as there is no shared clock between the two devices. This roots jitter which is an unfriendly sensation to audio engineers. Whereas synchronous data transfer protocol supports high speed with the requirement of having a common clock signal by one device. Out of the two, synchronous transmission is more competent as it does not have a need for status bytes. It is revealed that other connection protocols are faster in speed than MIDI data transfer. For instance, if we compare the two versions of USB with MIDI we can clearly see the visible speed difference between them. USB 1.0 that was released in 1996 had a speed of 1.5 and 12 Mbit/s whereas USB 4 that released in 2019 had a transfer speed of 40 Gbit/s, while MIDI is at only 31.250 kbps.

It is often said that as MIDI cables are longer than 20 feet this is why the speed of data transfer is slow, which according to some people is a myth. As per Sweetwater, a cable is safe and conservative in a length of 20 feet. It is also discovered that a cable of even 50 feet can also be used for data transfer if the quality is top-notch. But there is an issue with 20 feet data transfer cables as they are unstable, which has nothing to do with data transfer speed it is a matter of electrical failure.

The Evolution of Protocols.

It is about 40 years since the MIDI protocol was discovered, though the association acting as a governing body for the technology is working really hard to improvise MIDI. New techniques and specs are an example of constant modification of MIDI. The most recent update in the modification of MIDI is MPE which is MIDI Polyphonic Expression and MIDI 2.0.

Tips for Staying Motivated Through Your Artistic Journey


The Vision of Art

Many stories are told that life is all about the journey, not the destination. Many of us realize that the journey at times becomes unrewarding. The journey of an artist could be a long one and occasionally their vision gets blur. Many articles give an insight into how writing down tangible goals can help to achieve them. Writing down goals is not enough because one has subconscious biases towards themselves and what one plan can realistically achieve.

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The difference between achievements and dreams in action. It’s good to dream and even plan, however, artists must actively move towards working. First of all, he must change his mindset, only then he can change the reality, he can literally change his days and his way of thinking to achieve the goals of his life.

Right Tool

The main key is to control, the idea here is to comprehend our imaginations as a toolbox. Many of the artists dream about goals but become overwhelmed in the process of getting desired results. The problem lies when one tries to achieve more than necessary, which makes the goal unattainable. There’s nothing wrong with planning but if your thoughts are self-defeating and overcomplicated, they will become a blockage between the artist and his goals.

Positive affirmations play an important role as if one artist uses his imagination to create a mental picture of what he wants and act as if he has achieved that goal. A few more ways to subconsciously tell your mind, the artist should go through the script again and again which helps to gain the discipline and self-confidence required to achieve the goals. All of these actions will help to rearrange the subconscious mind to better angle towards the goals.

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Goals of the Day

Planning is the best way to keep track of accomplishments over the long-term period. Though, the key to success is to check off these goals every day. Many artists get distracted by big goals, the task here is to divide tasks into small milestones. It does become less overwhelming if abbreviate daily tasks into smaller goals.

Setting smaller milestones for the day will be much easier for you rather than running after big goals. The rule of thumb is to avoid social media while working on daily milestones. This rule will help you in long run in your journey.

The Road Towards Success is Never ending

As described by George Leonard, in his book ' The Key to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment, mastery is a voyage that does not consist of a smooth path and keeps one thing in mind that the hurdles will get elevated as you move forward towards your goal. The author thinks that once you have master the skill of patience during the time of your struggle, then nothing can disappoint you during your journey.

The road towards success is never-ending, you just have to give your best and wait for things to get better for you. Nonetheless, if you peek back at your profession and your succession as an artist, there you will certainly notice how far you have already come and have an obvious awareness of who you were.

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Encircle Yourself with Excellence

Your surroundings matter a lot. Even in the recent socially distanced existence, the people you choose to interact with have a remarkable effect on your motivation level. Decorate your space with portraits that look like the destiny you desire to accomplish. Try to interact with people who have similar interests like yours, befriend successful musicians, and listen to their struggle stories. This will motivate you a lot in long run.

Invest your Time

No matter how much time it takes, you must stay dedicated to your goal. There will be times when you will not feel motivated or inspired, but the key here is not to give up on your dreams. Try to connect with other artists for inspiration. You must work hard in order to achieve your goals. If you follow these tips then you will feel happy and content during your struggle period and you won’t be disappointed.

How to Grow on Social Media as an Artist


If you understand and comprehend the concepts of algorithms that are used across various social media platforms, then it can be used as an advantage and you can reach a broader audience. After realizing this fact, the most important thing is that where and how do we start? To make sure you end up with some practical implementation, we have conveyed some of the most helpful tips and methods that must be kept in mind while you post your content on social media when particularly be looking at the platforms like Instagram and its unique algorithm, most of the social media platforms utilize a lot of identical practices.

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Establish high-quality content for your platform

We have been listening to the phrase that in order to grow on social media you must make good content. But what is actually meant by "Good Content"? what precisely does that imply in practice? In terms of algorithm, “good content” is a post that keeps your audience on the platform for a longer period of time. One way to accomplish this is to involve a question in your caption, that's how you can engage your customer. The most audience will stop at your post just by looking at your caption all because of the favorable algorithm. They will then take some time to read and react against your question, and from the algorithm’s perspective, this strategy successfully gives rise to your post, and your post will be successful.

No matter how many comments and likes your social media post got, creating a connection with your audience and maintaining a genuine relationship with them is the most important thing. Never be reluctant to react or to respond to comments and reactions by your followers, never be hesitant to greet or say a thank you to those who are your loyal customers; such actions can create positive experiences of being an artist and being loved and rewarded by your followers.

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Evaluate, access, and promote your posts

Let's consider a fact, we may not like the idea of promoting our content on social media, because it will cost us a lot of money. While others might not be interested in this idea or do not like to spend money for such promotion, some people truly believe that this idea or feature can be a very beneficial way to catch up with new ears and eyes on the social platform. It's cost a simple fee dollars, but the promotion can be much more effective than that. It's always better to consider the promotion of your posts, particularly those that are linked to new announcements and releases of albums.

Connect with new profiles

There's a rule in the media platform which says never just publish your recent posts on media and then instantly sign off. This rule helps you to just observe and explore new comments and viewers that get attracted to your post. Whenever you have a minute, try to do your search and explore new profiles too. In particular, focus on daily interaction with recent profiles, as the algorithm will believe that you’re ‘friends’ or have connected interests, and in return, begin to assist them with content.

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Creating this habit of effective exploration and searching on media platforms is also incredible for your general product development as an artist, as it motivates you to find newer brands, musicians, and other sources of motivation on an everyday basis. Even if it’s at the end of your sense, don’t entirely engage ‘for the algorithm' somewhat, take the moment to be an effective learner and consumer, and if something was exciting or interesting for you, simply try to give a generous comment rather than an emoji.

In the end, social media success is all about numbers and luck, hopefully, this advice and tips will give you a better understanding of the algorithm and it will help you to win against the odds.