5 Tips To Promote Your Music Via Paid Social Media Ads

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Musicians tend to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on musical instruments, equipment, software and other tools that help them in creating music but when there is a time to market or promote their music they do not see the need to spend on it. They still believe in old thinking that people will automatically hook to their music if it is great, so there is no need to spend money in promotions. But the reality is around 40,000 songs were uploaded in 2019 to Spotify each day and it is growing rapidly since then. This has created a strong competition to get the attention of people in the pool of songs. Musicians need to promote their songs carefully to stand out in the crowd and one such way is to promote via social media.

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There are different ways to set up social media ads that we are not going to discuss here, you can get amazing tutorials on it by searching on Google. The main idea of this article is to give you a clear image of building a strategy for social media ads and how to get benefit from your investment.


The ultimate goal of social media ads should be to increase new fans who not only click on Spotify link but actually engage with your content, subscribe to it or buy your merchandise etc. Ads will help you get your music in front but only till you are paying for it.

Target Audience

Choose your target audience based on your music genre and what type of people will relate to your content. Figure out the interest of audience you want to target, whether they like 80s undertone or they are more likely to enjoy music while dancing. Make sure to have a platform where people can relate to. After selecting the platform be as specific as you can get with your audience, select people who:

  • Listen to similar artists like you
  • Are fan of a specific genre
  • Enjoy not so famous artists
  • Are in your vicinity
  • Have interacted with you by any means

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It is better to use multiple ad campaigns in order to achieve end goal, instead of wasting money on one huge ad campaign. You need to understand your audience and what you actually want in return from them.

For instance, in Ad 1 you select 100,000 people interested in similar artist and ask them to check Spotify for your music which itself is expensive as you are asking people to visit another platform. In Ad 2, you select another set of 100,000 audience and ask them to do the same. You keep on repeating the same strategy in Ads 3, 4, 5 and so on but you don’t get anything is return instead you lose huge chunk of money.

The strategy should be running an ad choosing a set of audience having similar taste of music and artist, ask them to visit your platform where you are running the ad. In this case, you are not asking audience to visit another platform which mean it is much cheaper on pocket. In second ad, you choose more targeted audience who by any means are connected with you either on your social media or website etc.

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Spending money will not help you in achieving your goal if your content (photos, videos and audio) is not of high quality and creative. Audience will only engage if they find your content attractive so make sure to use high quality and creative content for your ads to catch your audience’s eye balls.


You need to make a budget beforehand else you will not have command over your budget as it seems pretty easy to run ads but it keeps eating money and you will not realize that you have already lost your savings. Start with spending very little amount on ads and see if the ad is actually giving you results and then you can adjust your spending accordingly. You need to keep your head on the money while running media ads as small amount can greatly reward you.