Best Studio Monitor Stands for Home Recording (Top List for Beginners)

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When your studio monitors aren’t positioned correctly…

Your sound suffers…as we all know.

And while some studios can find that “sweet spot” simply by placing their monitors on the desk…

Many prefer the added flexibility offered by a good pair of studio monitor stands.

And so, in today’s post…

I will review and compare 7 of the top stands on the market to see just how they stack up.

First up… 

1. Ultimate Support JSMS70

ultimate support jsms70Undoubtedly the current industry leader in monitor stands…

Ultimate Support has been making quality music equipment since as far back as anyone can remember.

Their baseline model, the Ultimate Support JSMS70, is one of the best selling, and most affordable stands on the market.

Among the many stands in this price range, it’s one of the few that actually does the job well.

Notable features of the JSMS70 include:

  • 32″-44″ height adjustment in 4″ increments
  • triangular base for fitting in tight spaces
  • floor spikes/rubber feet for floor isolation
  • rubber pad on top for monitor isolation

For folks on a tight budget, THESE are the stands I recommend.

NOTE:  Through comparison shopping, I found several stands almost EXACTLY the same as this one, made by different manufacturers. For instance, the On Stage Stands SMS6000.  I recommend the JSMS70 because it has the best combination of price/overall ratings.

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2. VideoSecu 2

Videosecu 2If the last stands weren’t cheap enough for you…

These next ones are even cheaper: the VideoSecu 2.

Traditionally marketed for home theater systems and computer monitors…

It seems any home studios have found great success with them as well.

It has the same basic features as the JSMS70, plus some cool extras:

  • 5.5″ – 11″ adjustable top plate  – to cradle various sized monitors
  • +/- 10 degree tilt – to angle your monitors up or down
  • Cable management – to neatly conceal your cables

videosecu 2 topWhile I wouldn’t recommend them for LARGE monitors…

They’re the perfect size for the smaller monitors of most home studios.

  • Click to see current price – (Amazon)

Now that we’ve seen a few metal stands, next let’s check out some wooden ones…

3. DR Pro SMS1BK (36″)

drpro sms1bk

For smaller studios, the DR Pro SMS1Bk is one of the most popular options currently on the market.

Compared to metal stands we’ve seen so far, it offers a few key differences:

  • it’s less durable than metal stands
  • it takes up more space
  • its height is non-adjustable

And yes, those are all BAD things.  But as many agree, this next feature more than makes up for it…

The SMS1BK, like most wooden stands, has a hollowed out cavity, which can be filled with shot or sand to add density and increase acoustic isolation between your monitors and the floor.

Those who have tried it before will tell you…it makes a HUGE difference in sound.   Which is why…the SMS1BK may be the best option we’ve covered so far.

Also check out the alternative DR Pro Maple Wood version – (Amazon/GuitarC/MusiciansF)

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4. Raxxess ERSS

raxxess erss42

While the SMS1BK is a great option for smaller studios…

For larger studios using heavier monitors, the robust frame of the Raxxess ERSS is far more appropriate.

And while they may look similar…

The ERSS has one unique feature that outclasses every other stand on this list.

With a super-wide 5″ cavity in its column, it can hold a TON of added weight…

Making it virtually immune to any acoustic vibrations.

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5. K&M 26740

km 26740

Long known for making high-end music stands of all shapes and sizes…

The K&M name in itself is synonymous with quality.

So it’s no big surprise to learn that the K&M 26740 is among the most popular choices among pro studios worldwide.

In addition to the standard features of the previous metal stands, here’s what sets it apart:

  • a SUPER-HEAVY round cast-iron base for maximum stability
  • an extra-wide top plate designed for larger monitors
  • direct attachment of certain monitors via connector plates
  • a maximum weight rating of 77 lbs, which is more than 2x most other stands

So basically, the K&M 26740 is about the strongest, most stable stand money can buy.

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6. Ultimate Support MS-90

ultimate support ms90

At last, we’ve reached the stand that changed everything:

The Ultimate Support MS-90.

As we’ve seen already covered:

Metal stands are better than wooden standsbecause they’re far more durable.

Yet wooden stands are better because of their hollowed out columns.

But the revolutionary design of the Ms-90 essentially offers the best of both worlds, plus a number of useful extras.

Its 36″ column is made of the super strong 6000 series aluminum, with a brilliant internal design that includes 3 separate channels:

  • a small one for audio cables
  • a small one for power cables
  • a large one for weighting  

And in addition to weighting, the Ms-90 offers 3 additional features to maximize decoupling:

  • 4 rubber pads to decouple the monitors from the stand
  • 2 rubber joints to decouple the top and bottom of the column 
  • 3 tiny rubber feet to decouple the stand from the floor

Throw in its full lifetime warranty, and you might call the MS-90 the most perfect studio monitor stand ever invented.

Now despite the awesomeness of the MS-90, it still has ONE small problem:

You can’t adjust the height!

And so, with the last stand on the list…

Ultimate Support created the perfect solution:

7. Ultimate Support MS-100

Ultimate Support MS100 studio monitor stand

Almost exactly the same as the MS-90

The Ultimate Support MS-100 differs in ONE key way:

By adding the MS-80 monitor isolation pads…

The MS-100 solves the one problem common to all other stands:  Limited positioning options.

Wooden stands have no options whatsoever.  Most metal stands are height adjustable, but only in 4″ increments…which is hardly precise.

With the MS-100 however…

The fine-tuned tilt adjustment of the MS-80 pads allow you to point your monitors EXACTLY where you need them.

Combine that one feature with all its other bragging rights, and it’s clear why MS-100 is the best there is.

That’s All Folks

So there you go guys: that’s 7 of the best studio monitor stands on the market today.

I have no doubt that somewhere on this list lies the perfect stand for your studio.