How To Become a Successful Songwriter

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Songwriting is an art, no matter how many people says it’s an easy job but trust me it takes a lot of time and practice to become a good song writer. The fact is your growth solely depends on true dedication. If you want to be a fine song writer then you need to teach yourself. All great artists learn from their senior artists, they observe how they are so successful in their filed and what are challenges they have face during their struggle period. A good song writer must know his/her strengths and weaknesses in order to get better.

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Here are some tips to help you become a good song writer.

Listen To More Songs

You can simply start by listening lots and lots of songs of different genre. The more songs you know the more material you are going to have for your own song. Try to observe how other artists rhyme word and syncing their songs. Try to study their technique and this will help you a lot in your own work. You can make your own playlist, Google the trending songs of recent times and try to listens these songs over and over again and write your observations in your note pad. This technique will help you a lot in song writing.

Join a Course

What I believe that the best way to learn something is to learn them with other people. It gives you a chance to learn from each other and it’s a great way to make some songwriter friends. There must be many workshops going on around the globe you just have to go and sign up for a class. There are music teachers who can teach you about song writing plus you will get a certification after completion of the course. If you don’t want to go out you can easily just sign up for an online course.

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Try Reading More

In this modern time when people would prefer to watch a video rather than reading a good article, many authors like me are still writing blogs. That is because reading gives you a total different experience. Reading makes you think and challenges your mind.

If you want to become a professional songwriter then I strongly recommend you to read lots of books about music and song writing, you will be amazed to see how much this activity is going to polish your skill as a songwriter. Reading a good book about songwriting will inspire you to write great songs.

Collaborate with other Writers

There is a great saying that “many hands make light work” this rule is also helpful in song writing. Find some writers who have same interest as yours and try to learn their techniques about song writing. Moreover nowadays every popular song is usually written by two or more writers, you can try this too and collaborate with some other writers.

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Write and Record

Keep a note book with you always and write down every idea, every line, every lyrics that comes into your mind. Sometimes you are humming and great set of lyrics just come into your mind but after a while you forgot about it, so it’s better to write it down or you can just record it with your mobile recorder. You can use these recording later while composing a song.

If you want to be a great song writer you need to step out of your comfort zone. A great song writer faces challenges on everyday basis but he never gave up. The secret of being a great song writer lies in creativity and uniqueness, do not copy other song writers and try to produce something different and better.