The Best 7 Free VST Plugins FL STUDIO - Free VST Plugins (+ Download Links)

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FL Studio Plugins (VST) can be very pricey. For us that don’t have capital laying by to throw at virtual effects and plugins, sometimes a few freebies can make all the difference.

Believe it or not many-a-free powerful VST's are available. In order to save you the trouble, the fine folk at loopazon have compiled 7 (We couldn't find any more quality ones) high-quality, free VST plugins for FL Studio, Pro-Tools, Etc.

For more information on plugins and how to is them, make sure to check out the blog.

The Best Free VST Plugins (+ Download Links)

free vst plugin for beginners 1

1. Kontakt Start

Kontakt is undoubtedly the most powerful, far-reaching plugin company in modern music. Their plugin packs can be used for virtually any genre, and their plugins can create and synthesize any sound you can possibly imagine.

I have been a huge fan of Kontakt for years and their synthesizers and plugins have genuinely transformed the way I produce music.

In early 2019, they released Kontakt Start, which includes a huge FREE collection of synthesizers, instruments, plugin effects and almost 1,500 loops and samples. Some personal highlights for me are the TRK-01 bass synthesizer, and their analog synthesizer: VINTAGE.

Click here for a FREE download. 

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2. epicVerb

In my opinion, DAW’s such as FL studio and Ableton come with very powerful reverb plugins, however epicVerb provides a certain flexibility and quality that isn’t often found in a free product.

It boasts an impressive level of customisation, and the equalisation feature is a great addition that I’ve failed to find in any other free reverb plugins. Definitely worth a download for both beginners and advanced producers.

Click here for a FREE download. 

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3. Tyrell N6

Tyrell N6 is somewhat of a hidden gem in the VST plugin world. It is a surprisingly powerful plugin with 2 oscillators, noise, a ring modulator and 2 LFOs with 8 waveforms, and to be entirely honest I have no idea why it’s free.

For producers looking for quick inspiration, it also comes for 580 fully customizable presets and many more can be found online.

Click here for a FREE download.

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4. OTT

Xfer Records’ OTT is an incredibly simple multi-band compressor that acts as a great alternative to many expensive compressor plugins.

As far as multi-band compressors, I haven’t found any other free plugins that match the quality and simplicity of OTT. It is a must for producers looking for rounded, professional-sounding compression on a budget.

Click here for a FREE download.

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5. Blue Cat’s Triple EQ

This FREE equalizer is a 3-band semi-parametric equalizer that includes a low shelf filter, a high shelf filter and a boost/cut peak filter. The three filters are linked so that when you change the center frequency or the bandwidth, the parameters of the three filters are modified accordingly.

It is extremely versatile for a free VST plugin, allowing for a wide scope of filter shapes. The interface is also extremely user friendly.

Definitely worth a download.

Click here for a FREE download.

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Steven Slate Drums 5 is an incredible, free VST plugin with realistic sounding drum patterns and kits. While SSD5 FREE is technically a demo, it doesn’t expire and comes with full functionality and one deluxe drum kit for free.

SSD5 has been used by the producers of John Mayer, Bowie, Paul McCartney and many other high-profile artists. Therefore this free kit is an unmissable asset to any producers plugin collection.

Click here for a FREE download.

free vst plugin for beginners 7

7. Vesta

Vesta is a filter plugin by B. Serrano, and is surprisingly powerful despite it’s simplicity. The filter presets are quite sparse, but the level of customisation within the plugin is very impressive for a free filter plugin.

It features 3 layer filtering, layers audio routing: Parallel, serial or both, 1 syncable LFO host and 1 step controller.

Click here for a FREE download.

8. Helm

Helm is another example of a product that I’m not quite sure why it’s free. It has everything you’d need to make almost any sound imaginable, including a step sequencer, stutter and even a formant option. I can honestly say this is easily my favourite free synthesizer plugin.

I also think Helm is a great option for beginners to begin experimenting with synthesizer sound design, not just because it’s free, but because it’s very easy to learn and navigate, while still remaining unbelievably versatile.

Click here for a FREE download.