Learn How To Make A Mix By St Lucia

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We all know the famous singer/ songwriter Jean-Philip Grobler, commonly known for his music project called St. Lucia. His songs are mostly blend of 80’s music with a slight touch of modern day pop. St Lucia songs are full of energy. He is an experienced singer; here are some of his great tips for creating a great mix.

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Subtractive Approach:

According to Jean-Philip Grobler mixing music and making music is not the same thing. He says when you create music, you add every idea into the soundtrack and see whether it fits or not. In the end I have so many musical tracks with similar notes on different keyboards. Sometimes it becomes a total mess. Although, when I start creating a mix, I try to become Marie kondo instead of being a hoarder. I try to subtract all the unnecessary elements in the mix.

Buy a Good Quality Monitoring Setup

Having a good monitoring system is very important if you want to create great mix. Don’t think of it as an expense but think of it as an investment. Grobler also has spent a lot on his music equipments. He says if you want to create a great mix then you must have advanced musical instruments.

Grobler current instrument consist of

  • NS10s with a Bryston amp
  • Neumann NDH 20 headphones
  • ATC SCM 25As
  • Avantone Mix Cubes

Another important thing you must remember is your room where all the music instruments are placed. No matter how much you have spent on you musical instruments if your room is not compatible with them it’s all just a waste of money. Your room must be well tuned with the speakers, you can use Sonarworks for this purpose, it will set the frequency of your track. You can put side by side different speakers, headphones or may be Bluetooth speakers for comparing the different results.

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Converters are Important:

Grobler said he wanted the highest quality signal chain for his newest track, so he did some research and came to know about Burl Audio’s converters are really popular among musicians nowadays. He bought the Converter named Burl B2 Bomber ADC. He also has upgraded lots of his instruments for better performance.

These upgrades have improved the quality of the mix he created. Grobler said , The quality of sound definitely become so natural. He further said “it is because of Burl, it really has improved the sound quality particularly if you are using electric guitar and drums.

It doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money on your musical instruments, but just try to buy good quality instruments. That is how you can create a great sound track without any hassel.

Second Opinion Matters

If you are working for a long time on a project, it becomes very difficult for you to see tiny flaws in your sound. Grobler suggested that when you are done with you mix try getting second opinions from your fellow musicians. This will provide you a third party perspective, which can be very useful.

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Paint the Picture

Making a great mix is very much like creating an amazing cuisine, or writing a great book. There are so many different aspects of creating a great mix that must keep in mind. Think of your soundtrack like a tale with so many characters, which can take you fans into another magical world. You can do that by painting a picture in your mind about your song.

These are some great tips for creating a great Mix by Grobler, I am sure if you follow these tips you will be able to produce a great soundtrack.