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1. Mobious

loopazon, Mobius interface (DJ)

You might be surprised how much of mainstream top hits are made with loops. These loops are nothing special, it just takes a good ear to put them together into a hit. Many of the industries top music makers mention Mobius when listing their tools of the trade. 

It comes with material to work with, along with multiple audio bits per track and it can be used as a standalone DAW, too. The configuration can be a little time consuming to get going but there are plenty of tutorials on youtube if you have trouble.

Check out Mobius!

2. Harvest Mini

Harvest plugin interface

Utilising an oldschool sequencer enables instruments and notes to be triggered whilst it plays. Even better the user can choose loops based on scale so the flow can be better monitored. More so it comes with the "Regenerate" plugin allowing for unbounded configurations.

Check out Harvest Mini!

3. MixxxMixxx Interface

Mixxx has been around for a long time. A very long time - and for a reason. Mixxx has survaved over time due to its seamless and efficient ability to mix music with looping, pitch blench, time stretching, and more. A wide range of audio files can be used, just about every one in existence. Better yet the software can be used with any remote hardware.

Check out Mixxx!

4. Serato DJ (Free Version)Serato DJ interface

Serato DJ's free version lacks only a version of the full features of Serato DJ Suite. If you're a DJ, the experts will often recommend this software as being there go-to. The free version allows for a surprising amount of capability. Of course, if you want that extra edge the full version is necessary. If you do, or plan to, DJ for a living, the Serato full version should definitly be purchased.

Check out Serato DJ!

5. Trackbout RipchordRipchord interface

Trackbout's Ripchord doesn't appear that awesome. But don't let your eyes fool you, this software kicks ass and takes names. If you're a beginner, this software is great to start. The design and UI is basic and to the point, and some great work can be done with the free version. If you aren't good with the MIDI controller, no problem, Ripchord has you covered. It's easy to configure notes to your computer keyboard to effectively turn your keyboard into a very capable instrument. A ton of material is included with Ripchord, some very powerful stuff. The presets are perfect and the instruments are top of the line. Ripchord might as well be at the top of this list, it's a great software and definitly worth checking out.

Check out Ripchord!