SUOMAF REVEN Custom Bass Notes Sampler

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This 161 bpm Hip Hop Bass loop was shared by the member SUOMAF REVEN. We encourage you to leave a review and show your appreciation for any loop you download, and if you do something great with it please let the uploader know! To learn how to make music with loops check out our articles, or stop by the forum and collaborate with other music makers.
BPM: 161 Category: Bass Genre: Hip Hop mp3 Key: Bm

I decided I'm going to make my own samples this is my first sample feel free to use these sounds making any beat and assigning the notes to your keyboard or your drum pad please leave comments letting me know what I could do to work on this this is new to me originally I used Synprez FM app to make a loop that I did not like with two synths assigned the One keyboard from there I took it out via export to the app music speed changer tweaked some of the EQ settings and reverb then I brought it into the fruity loops mobile app and further tweak the sound until I was confident that it was my own. Then I began spacing them out on the notes of the keyboard so they wouldn't run into each other and I pumped it out high quality without normalizing.

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