Synth Classical - Roman Style

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This 130 bpm Classical Synth loop was shared by the member wibev123. We encourage you to leave a review and show your appreciation for any loop you download, and if you do something great with it please let the uploader know! To learn how to make music with loops check out our articles, or stop by the forum and collaborate with other music makers.
BPM: 130 Category: Synth Genre: Classical mp3 Key: Cm DAW: Ableton Live

Discover a brand new palette of melodic sounds with this Synth Melody sample pack. Featuring 45 modern rhythms, lush textures, and dreamy tones, these samples are designed to help you create an ethereal atmosphere in your music. These future-facing sounds will breathe life into any genre of music from Ambient to Pop, Trap and EDM. Give your production the high-end touch it deserves today with this amazing selection of Synth Melodies.

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