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Classic RE201 Space Echo Tape Delay, Spring Reverb

A loving recreation of the ultimate echo effect the Roland RE201 Space Echo. The guts of this are mostly from Michat's excellent ensemble Michat's Space Echo ME-201. This is more than a reskin though, I have added a few other features (mostly borrowed from the UA version of the RE201).

Native Instruments - Roland RE201 Space Echo is an iconic instrument renowned for its unique reverberation and delay effects. This instrument has been faithfully reproduced by Native Instruments in their Reaktor format, allowing users to create a classic vintage sound that has been heard on countless records throughout music history.

The RE201 Space Echo Tape Delay creates lush echoes and rich reverberations with its analog-style spring reverb, emulating the sound of the original Roland tape echo unit. It allows you to customize your sound with controls such as tone, intensity and rate, giving you a wide range of possibilities when it comes to crafting your own delays. Additionally, this unit features a variety of additional features not found on the original Roland version, including an adjustable band-pass filter and modulation capabilities for creating more intricate sounds.

As well as being used for its instant gratification effect – which instantly creates the desired delay or reverberation – this unit can be used as a creative multi-effect tool for more advanced production needs. It can be used for adding texture to tracks or even manipulating existing sounds to create brand new ones. The RE201 also pairs well with other effects plugins to further shape your sound.

Furthermore, Native Instruments have integrated their world-class Kontakt Player into their emulation of the Roland RE201 Space Echo Tape Delay – giving users access to over 8GB of samples from some of the world’s most sought after instruments and genres. This allows musicians and producers to explore different sonic options without having to leave their DAW session or purchase additional plug-ins.

Overall, Native Instruments - Roland RE201 Space Echo provides an incredibly powerful toolkit that enables musicians and producers alike to achieve results they can be proud of while taking advantage of modern day technology. Whether you are looking for classic vintage delay effects or something completely unique - Native Instruments’ take on the iconic RE201 Space Echo is definitely worth considering!

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