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Loopazon Omnitaur Daedalus software download

Daedalus is an advanced polyphonic synthesizer designed for live performance and providing a range of powerful MIDI controls. It has been developed to give the musician increased flexibility and creativity, with intuitive control over many parameters.

The heart of Daedalus is its two VCOs (Voltage-Controlled Oscillators). Each oscillator offers extensive tuning options, including octave, semi-keyboard tracking and fine tune (on VCO2). Additionally, they both feature Pulse Width Modulation, allowing users to adjust the timbre of their sound. Further modulation sources are available in the form of Envelope modulation and the ability to modulate one VCO with the other.

The mixer section enables users to blend their oscillators together with a dual-mode noise oscillator, ring-modulation and a high-pass filter.

For shaping sound further, Daedalus has four different filter modes (one 12dB/octave and three 24dB/octave), each with an ADSR envelope generator. These envelopes are assignable to either the VCOs, VCF or VCA for complete control over dynamics and articulation. Additionally there are two BPM synchronised LFOs for creating rich modulation effects.

For overall control over your sound, Daedalus provides a master section giving access to key mode selection (mono/poly/unison), unison detune amount as well as main tuning and volume adjustments. An extensive MIDI Control section also allows for pitch bend, modulation wheel plus portamento controls - all crucial components in expressing yourself musically on stage or in studio situations.

Finally, Daedalus includes built-in chorus, delay & arpeggiator effects which can be used to add further texture & depth or create complex patterns quickly & easily. All of this functionality makes it an incredibly powerful tool which will help bring your music alive!

To explore these features further you can download Daedalus direct from Omnitaur's website; a free trial version is also available so you can try before you buy! With it's unique combination of synthesis controls plus exceptional performance capabilities Daedalus could be just what you need to take your music to the next level!

Daedalus is the ultimate polyphonic synthesizer designed specifically for performing musicians. It provides complete control over Pitch Bend, Modulation Wheel, Velocity and Aftertouch through MIDI controls. The instrument also features two Pulse Width Modulated oscillators with Octave, Semi and Fine tune adjustments; dual mode noise oscillator; Ring-modulation; four Filter Modes in 1x 12dB/oct & 3x 24dB/oct.; ADSR envelopes for VCO, VCF & VCA alongwith two BPM syncable LFOs and a chorus effect module with Delay & Arpeggiator. Daedalus comes equipped for Windows 32bit, Windows 64 bit & Mac 32 bit machines in .VST format. Its many powerful features including Filter, Synth Strings, Low Pass Filters and Bass Synths make it an ideal choice for creating professional sounding music productions quickly and easily.

Download Daedalus From Omnitaur Website


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