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loopazon Distorted Chorus Ourafilmes Free Chorus Download

Inspired in the effect with the same name of the EMU e6400 Ultra hardware sampler, this is not an emulation but an original and unique effect. In fact, it´s the only distorted chorus plugin available today! I was using it exclusively until now! Use it to warm, wide or even sick guitars, synths, voices and bass. This effect really works best on lo-fi, grungy or distorted and/or saturated sounds (listen to the provided demo). It sounds terrible on pads and other clean sounds. On distorted basses, it provides a simple (old school) way of getting phase distortion. Full automation! This plugin is on version 1.1. The full version of this effect is a part of the FX pack and is on version 1.4.


We dont host any software files here. The download button will take you to the Ourafilmes website where you can download the software direct.

Download Distorted Chorus From Ourafilmes Website


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