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Prism Audio Ada-128 AD/DA Conversion System

Prism Sound has a long, rich heritage in the manufacture and design of the digital audio interface and digital audio technology. Using Prism audio Ada-128, one can use multi-rooms. If those rooms have different requirements and sessions, you can change those requirements. For example, you can have 16 channels on one day, and the next day if you need 24 in and 24 out, you can likewise change the flexibility, sample rate, and bit rate. The routing can be done internally in the box rather than externally doing it. This unit is perfectly suitable for Dolby atmos workflow application. It is perfectly suited for broadcast and live sound location recording because there is not only in/out analog but also mic-line cards that are fully remote controllable. So, this can be used as similar to a stage box.

The Dream ADA-128, the first of a new breed of Prism Sound products, has been launched. The Prism Sound had been working on a new creative architecture for the past five years. The talk has been going on for a long time with some essential partners, which now paved the way to create a new standard in conversion technology. This has led to a crucial milestone in developing the groundbreaking new unit. The Dream Series ADA-128 is the latest addition to Prism Sound's famed Dream A/D and D/A converters, which are widely considered the greatest sounding converters globally. The Dream ADA-128 brings new suppleness, new features, and cost-effectiveness.

Prism Sound conversion is amazing, but it elevates it to a new level of power and versatility. It's also a highly cost-effective solution for individuals who need many channels – to put it in context, and our flagship ADA-8XR conversion would cost around £25,000 more and take up a lot more rack space if you need 128 channels. The Dream ADA-128 provides unequaled and nearly limitless versatility with four modular host slots and sixteen modular I/O slots. It's not simply a conversion system; it's a high-performance networkable audio distribution and processing system that fulfills the most stringent recording studio and film soundstage standards.

Features of the Prism Sound Ada-128

  • Up to 128 channels of modular analog and digital I/O in a 2U chassis with 8 channel line / out and Mic/Line cards.

  • The ADA-128 enables operation with up to four separate clock domains by providing independent sync of I/O cards.

  • A.D.R.A-The ADA-128 provides exact, complete A/D and D/A conversion, ensuring perfect sound concentration and allowing you to hear every performance element without causing a distraction by coloration.

  • Digital Freedom

The Dream ADA128 provides unrivaled and nearly limitless versatility with four modular host slots and sixteen modular I/O slots.


The Dream ADA-128 is more than a converter system; it's a high-performance networkable audio distribution and processing system that can handle everything from a recording studio to a movie sound stage.

  • Control and metering may be done via the front panel touch screen or a PC remote program. The control system is flexible and handled with ease.

  • Host Interface - AES, Protools HDX, Dante, and others are among the modular host interfacing (computers, recorders, consoles, networks, and so on) choices, with more to come.

  • I/O Modular analog and digital I/O cards with up to 128 channels in a 2U chassis, as well as 8 channel line/out and Mic/Line cards

Given how quickly digital technology has advanced in recent years, it's astonishing that Prism Sound's ADA8XR has endured unequaled as the company's leading multichannel AD/DA converter for over two decades. However, Prism welcomed SOS to their Cambridgeshire offices in early September to get a sneak peek at the new launch of the Prism Sound Dream ADA128. Named after its extraordinary capacity to produce to about 128 channels of high Prism conversion in a solo 2U rack, the ADA‑128 is an integrated device that can be adjusted to an extensive array of applications owing to its flexibility to support a number of various extension cards.

Using the slot machine

The card slots are divided into two groups. The first four slots are for host cards, which features Dante, MADI, and DigiLink choices for the time being. The ADA128 is unique because it can mix and match them and route audio between them. For example, when you install numerous Host cards, you might send audio from your Dante network to and from a Pro Tools setup or share a MADI stream with a PC that has a Dante connection. Because the ADA128 has four internal clocks, each system can run at a different sampling rate.

The rest of the slots are allotted for I/O cards, which can be up to 16 on a single ADA128. There are now two analog cards available. Each one is provided with eightline inputs and outputs. A digital AES3 variant is also available, with eight I/O in one slot. Finally, a mic/line input module with eight preamps is included. You can operate the preamps by using the touchscreen of the front panel. All the ADA128's functions can be handled manually through the browser-based interface or straight from Pro Tools if you're using the ADA128 after converting into an HDX interface. The ADA128 exposes itself to Pro Tools as an Avid Pre 8 rack when equipped with a preamp expansion and a DigiLink Host card, and then piggybacks on the DigiLink connection to provide control data to the preamps.

Driving the thing is an intuitive affair, thanks to the five-inch hi-res colour touchscreen on the front panel. Although the interface hadn't quite been completed at the time of writing, all the essential parts of the GUI were there, and setting up routing, metering, sample rates, and so on was as simple as operating a mobile phone. The touchscreen of the front panel is five-inch high-resolution, and this does its work wonderfully, and the launch of this product is a great success.

An Ethernet connector allows you to connect the ADA128 to a network and operate it via an HTML browser running on any computer using LAN, which is ideal for setups where the rack is hidden away in a machine room. If you are utilizing an ADA128 as the center for a multifaceted setup, you could simply redirect audio from a Dante box in the live room to a Pro Tools rig in the postproduction suite, from a laptop, or tablet, or even smartphone connected to the Wi-Fi.

Sample Rates

The ADA128 supports sample rates of up to 768kHz, yet most protocols only support 384kHz, which is the practical limit. An ARM CPU serves as the unit's brain, controlling a number of FPGAs, one of which is devoted to signal to route and one on each expansion card. These execute DSP functions, allow the ADA128 to recognize which I/O it has, and even offer real-time statistics on power use to ensure that the PSU does not overload. According to Prism, the power economy is a key factor.

Prism was still able to work on lowering needed decibels off the noise floor, and there was no unwanted sound or distortion. The ADA128 will not be inexpensive, however, because of the surplus of both quality and quantity. However, Prism claims it would be more cost-effective than constructing a comparable system utilizing the previous ADA8XR racks, given the channel count and quality.

The ADA128 won't be seen in many private studios, but it will be well at home in professional settings, including recording studios, postproduction houses, multiroom amenities, OB trucks, and the musician recording market. Some of the world's most prominent institutions, like the Birmingham Conservatoire and the Royal Northern College of Music, have already expressed interest in the first few models.


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