Prism Audio Titan True Reference Audio Interface with MDIO Expansion

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Prism Audio Titan True Reference Audio Interface with MDIO Expansion

Titan is a world-class multi-track interface with unrivaled audio clarity and flexibility. Titan is perfect for music and sound recording, multi-tracking, overdubbing, stem-based mastering, analog summing, and critical listening applications. It uses the latest iteration of Prism Sounds trustworthy conversion. The Prism Sound Titan is a 1RU rack-mountable USB audio interface that provides musicians, vocalists, composers, and audio engineers with consistent accuracy and high-resolution multichannel audio I/O in home, project, commercial, and mobile studios. Its reliable clock allows it to operate at resolutions of up to 24-bit / 192 kHz with minimum jitter. It's ideal for recording, overdubbing, and even send-and-return routing, with latency as low as 0.08 Ms.

The four XLR-1/4" combo inputs can be used to connect line or microphone sources, while two front-panel 1/4" jacks can be used to connect instruments like guitars or synths. The input pads and built-in limiters, as well as the phantom power, are all selectable. There are four 1/4" jacks on the back panel for dedicated line inputs. The eight 1/4" line outputs are perfect for connecting speakers and power amplifiers. In comparison, the two 1/4" jacks on the front panel provide the dedicated level and mix settings for independent headphone monitoring. In addition to RCA coaxial for S/PDIF or AES3, TOSLINK optical for S/PDIF or ADAT, and BNC for word clock, digital connectivity includes RCA coaxial for S/PDIF or AES3, and BNC for word clock. There is an RJ45 connection for future AVB integration.

Titan's class-compliant USB 2.0 interface is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows computers. The package includes an IEC power cord, USB cable, rackmount ears, and XLR-to-RCA adapters.


Flexible monitoring digital mixer

Titan has a solid built-in digital mixer that can be set to give a variety of super-low latency feeds, such as foldback to performers, stereo and surround outputs, and more. Titan offers 18 simultaneous input and output channels, including eight analog recording channels, eight monitoring outputs, stereo digital input and output on a phono connector, also concurrent optical digital I/O ports.

Connectivity with the future in mind

Titan can connect to the most extensive range of PCs today and use a standard USB connection in the future. Add in the ProTools HDX and Dante modules for the most professional and flexible solution.

MDIO Expansion of multichannel I/O

The MDIO expansion slot allows your Prism Sound interface to stay relevant in an ever-changing world of I/O connectivity, extending its lifespan and providing a better return on your investment. Both choices allow you to stack additional Titan or Atlas units to create correct sample phase-locked audio.

Multiple Titan or Atlas units can be connected directly to a DANTE-equipped computer using the DANTE module. Multiple Titan or Atlas units can be linked directly to an AVID Pro Tools HDX or HD native system via AVID's "Digilink" connection with the Pro Tools MDIO-HDX module.


The Titan Controller applet manages in-depth control, while the front panel provides a continual visual representation of the unit's primary settings and levels. This program runs on the DAW computer and may be accessed whenever modifications are required.

How does it function?

The Titan is a multi-track USB audio interface that can be used for music and sound recording, multi-tracking, overdubbing, stem-based mastering, analog summing, and critical listening.

Signal path

Titan delivers Prism Sound's legendary performance, sound quality, and cutting-edge clock technology in a dedicated unit that works with Windows (Vista, 7, and 8, 32 and 64 bit, ASIO) and Mac OS X 10.4.11 later (Intel). Titan can be used stand-alone once configured with a computer and has S/PDIF or AES3 I/O.

The audio driver on the host computer provides eight analog input channels and up to ten digital input channels for your audio workstation software. Eight analog output channels, ten digital output channels, and stereo headphone outputs can play 20 separate tracks simultaneously. All analog inputs are electronically balanced, with unbalanced operation enabled by default. The analog outputs are electronically balanced with 'bootstrapping,' which maintains the level even if one leg is grounded.

Full Prism Sound audio quality with no compromises

Titan does not make any concessions when it comes to audio quality. It's the culmination of years of digital audio conversion research and development, as well as considerable consultation with Prism Sound's consumers.

Titan offers the same no-compromise analogue front and back ends as Orpheus, including the same fully-balanced-throughout architecture and isolation barriers to shield the analogue from digital and computer interference, but with a broader choice of PC interface possibilities.

Titan builds on Prism Sound's years of experience building digital audio devices, such as its audio test equipment, used by a diverse spectrum of clients in the audio business, from pro-audio to consumer electronics. Titan is well-behaved as a computer peripheral and an audio processor due to this experience.

Professional recording requires a high level of dependability. Prism Sound's converters have always relied heavily on accurate software calibration processes - pots and tweaks are inherently unreliable; hence there are none.

THD+N measurements are commonly stated not necessarily to correspond well with the perception of sound quality. This is accurate - partially because traditional THD+N or SINAD given as RMS figures are a broad measure. With this in mind, we've gone to great lengths to ensure that not only is the Titan noise and distortion spectrum faultless but that the RMS distortion result is also up to par.

USB interface that complies with industry standards

Prism Sound has recognized the growing relevance of native processing power for professional users, as well as the fact that software for mainstream PC and Mac platforms has improved dramatically in recent years. Titan connects to the computer through a USB2 port. This is a UAC2 (USB Audio Class 2) interface that is natively supported in Mac, iPad, Linux, and Android and supported via a driver in Windows. -

Titan is simple to link to your PC and outboard equipment. A controller application for both Mac and PC platforms allows you to configure the unit and control its built-in mixing and other features. Everything else is controlled entirely through the Titan controller program, except the monitor and headphone volume settings. The controller software appears onscreen as a distinct panel along with your existing editing program.

Adaptable monitoring

Professional users need more advanced monitoring capabilities, and they've grown accustomed to surround sound via HDTV and DVD. Thus, support for surround monitoring setups is becoming increasingly vital.

The DAW user needs high-quality monitoring in addition to excellent analog recording channels. Titan's eight analog outputs enable multi-stereo to 7.1 surround monitor installations. Titan includes a physical volume knob that can be assigned to any or all of the analog or digital outputs for use as a monitor control in the control room. There are two headphone amps, each with its volume control and suited for all sorts of headphones. The headphones may be swiftly switched across the other output pairs, in addition to having their workstation feed and mixer. This is useful for the setup.

Noise Shaping and Sample Rate Conversion

The digital output features Prism Sound's four SNS noise-shaping curves, as well as Prism Sound's renowned synchronous sample-rate conversion, which allows results to multiple external devices at different sampling rates. Titan can handle unsynchronized or wrong-rate digital inputs and provide live 44.1kHz outputs from a 96kHz session, thanks to the sample-rate converter's ability to be employed at both the inputs and outputs. You can also reduce to 16-bits at mastering-house quality because Titan includes the full array of Prism Sound'SNS' noise shapers.

Unsurpassed Jitter Rejection

Prism Sound pioneered sampling and interface jitter testing in the 1990s, and as a result, our digital audio devices have unrivaled jitter rejection. Digital audio products from Prism Sound lock up quickly and re-generate ultra-stable clock outputs. Another feature of the classic Prism Sound converter kept was the clocking, which is equally as significant as the analog-path concerns in terms of sound. Titan is as rock-steady as its forefathers, whether it's providing a high-quality master clock for the rest of the room or dealing with a shaky clock from outside.


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