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Superwave Synthesizers Loopazon Download Music Software Online

SuperWave P8 is a completely FREE virtual analogue synthesizer that can be used to create an incredibly varied range of sounds. It is ideal for creating great leads, pads and strings, and if you are looking for a powerful synth with an impressive range of features and sound quality, then SuperWave P8 is the perfect choice.

The synthesizer operates with two oscillators, which have various waveforms available including sine, saw, ramp, triangle and pulse waves as well as white and pink noise. These can be fine-tuned or detuned to create more complex sounds. In addition, users can also take advantage of the seven oscillator SuperWave mode which allows even more creative possibilities.!--CUT-->

Two resonant filters are included with the synth; these are 12dB filters with Low Pass, Band Pass and High Pass modes available. The filter controls include Cutoff Frequency and Resonance settings plus Key Follow and Lock (Cutoff Frequency) options. There are also two amplifiers providing Level, Panning and On/Off controls which can help shape the output sound further.

For dynamic modulation there are four envelopes (Filter x2 and Amp x2), each of which allow Depth, Attack Decay Sustain Release (ADSR) settings to be adjusted. SuperWave P8 also has two low frequency oscillators (LFOs) offering six different waveform options plus beat ratios for extra control over modulation effects.

In addition to all this there is a stereo delay effect comprising two mono delays as well as 64 high-quality presets that cover a wide range of sounds from classic analogue synths to more modern digital-style tones - all of which can be further tweaked using the synth’s comprehensive modulation options. Other features include 8 note polyphonic operation with Main Volume control; Mono/Polyphonic switch; Portamento Control; MIDI CC Control with Learn capability; plus plenty more besides!

SuperWave P8 is an incredibly versatile synthesizer capable of producing everything from subtle atmospheric textures to intense leads or thick bass lines - making it one of the most powerful free synths on the market today! The most notable feature of SuperWave P8 is its flexibility when it comes to customizing your sound - so don't miss out on this amazing virtual instrument!

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