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Download Superwave Synthesizers Stylophone Free Download On Loopazon

The Stylophone is an iconic pocket synthesizer from the 1970s, made popular by musicians such as Rolf Harris and David Bowie, who made use of its unique sound in his classic hit song "Space Oddity". This beloved instrument has been used by many great artists in both pop and experimental music, including Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Erasure, Orbital, Marilyn Manson, They Might Be Giants, White Stripes and Little Boots. Now available in VSTi format for digital production, the Stylophone provides a unique flavor to any track.

The Stylophone is a monophonic synthesizer with one sound only - but with the option to add vibrato enhancement for more depth and complexity. The tone created is a distinctively warm yet sharp presence that can easily stand out in the mix. It is powered by an oscillator utilizing samples recorded from an original vintage Stylophone model - not the modern reproduction variety - into a high-quality microphone to ensure authenticity and accuracy of sound.

The most interesting feature of the Stylophone VSTi is its ability to capture all the nuances of the original instrument’s timbre. From subtle vibrato effects to pulsing rhythm patterns created by percussive plucking of the stylus across its keyboard keys – this emulation offers a wide range of sonic expressions. It can be used for everything from lead melodies to intricate sequences or just about anything else you can imagine!

The flexibility offered by this virtual incarnation makes it easy to integrate into almost any kind of project; from rock and funk riffs to ambient pad sounds or cutting-edge electronic music productions. Its unique character also makes it perfectly suited as a special accent on movie scores or video game soundtracks – giving your composition that extra oomph it needs! The possibilities are virtually endless when utilizing this classic analog synth within modern musical contexts; an ideal combination that will bring your productions up to date with classic style.

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