The Simplest Audio Editing Application - Ocenaudio

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The Simplest Audio Editing Application - Ocenaudio

Sound editing is one of the most crucial parts of any form of media production, be it movies, commercials, podcasts or music. Quicker and simpler sound-editing applications have replaced the multi-featured complicated ones over the years, thus making it less intimidating for rookies. Ocenaudio is not just one among these new quicker or simpler applications. It is in fact an industry standard that is often hailed as the quickest and simplest sound-editing tool.

Ocenaudio is a cross-platform audio editor which is loaded with multiple format-support, spectral analysis and audio signal generation. It resolves noise, echo and interference issues from audio files. Ocenaudio is equally stable in all the mainstream operating systems that it is compatible with, viz. Windows, Mac and Linux. Once you get the hang of Ocenaudio, it is so quick to work on as it offers cohesive and intuitive audio editing and analysis features.

Ocenaudio was designed and developed by a Brazilian research group at the Federal University of Santa Catarina. This application relies on Ocean Framework, a strong library developed to simplify and standardize the event of audio manipulation and analysis across multiple platforms.

The user-friendly and simple interface makes the learning curve easier for newbies. Though Ocenaudio is not equipped with the comprehensive features of a DAW, its sound editing functionality is as good or even better than many of the mainstream sound editing applications. Some sound editors consider Ocenaudio superior to the more popular free alternative, Audacity.

Features of Ocenaudio

  • The application features a simple dashboard with audio recording, audio manipulation, pug-in integration, mastering and media library.

  • You may use plugins and also download records directly. Ocenaudio supports VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plugins, enabling its users to work with a multitude of virtual instrument libraries. To aide configuration, you may use the Real-time preview in Ocenaudio for all effects including VSTs.

  • The Spectrogram feature allows you to separate and remove background noises and use the spectral view option to check track properties.

  • Graphic Equalizer facilitates the removal louder sections of your audio. You can also partially compress individual segments of your track using this feature. You can also merge multiple tracks and also compress section from the merged track.

  • The REVERB function allows you to make favorable adjustments to the echoes and eliminate residual echoes.

  • To make similar changes to multiple segments in the track, you may perform batch modifications.

  • Compared to other mainstream sound-editing applications, Ocenaudio has properly labelled axes rather than an arbitrary indication of volume.

  • The program allows user to create filters and effects to the track with it.

  • Cutting and pasting audio segments to develop a replacement track is additionally achievable.

  • With Ocenaudio you can label individual regions and batch edits to facilitate quicker and editing and looping.

  • Though Ocenaudio allows you to import and work with large files, the platform is not stable enough to process them. As a feature, it does allow you to import large files. However Loopazon recommends it only for working with files that are smaller in size. .

  • The application also lets you work with multiple files simultaneously, and remains responsive most of the time on a stable operating system. Time-consuming tasks such as opening and saving audio files, or applying effects happen in background, allowing you to work on other files.

Recording and Editing with Ocenaudio

Download Ocenaudio from the official website:

Use the Ocenaudio Recorder to record you audio. Use Finder to access the contents in your Applications folder. Use Spotlight, which is found at the top-right corner of your Ocenaudio interface, or simply access it by pressing Control/cmd + Spacebar.
When the application is launched and running, click the circular red Record button  to start recording a replacement audio. [Default values - Sample Rate - 44,100 Hz, Channels is Stereo and backbone  - 16 bits]. Click OK, once you are ready to record.
While recording, it os important to use the time display at the underside to check the length of your recording. Press the Record button again to stop the audio recording.

Exploring the features of the simple dashboard:

  • Click on Ctrl+ O to import single or multiple audio files. Each audio file will have a separate timeline for itself.

  • Now, to remove additional audio or noise after buffering, you may“trim” your audio file.

  • After removing additional audio, edit your track with the “waveform”.

  • To make adjustments to the loudness of the audio, use the “show/hide gain” tool to make changes to the decibel values.

  • Use the “Centre and Zoom bent on” feature to locate unwanted segments and delete them.

  • After that, click on“Effects” and Select “Equalization” and then click on “ Band Graphic Equalizer.” This option allows the user to easily adjust the sliders throughout the timeline and thus get rid of the unwanted louder segments. Ocenaudio’s sliders facilitate a very smooth movement through the timeline without external assistance.

  • Now, select the desired segments from the audio file to perform the subsequent edits.

  • Use the REVERB feature to tweak the echoes or remove residual echoes on your track.

  • Click on Reverb option to urge obviate any residual echoes within the audio.

  • Saving your file. Once you are done performing edits and making other adjustments to your track, you can save your file using multiple options, you will save your file using various record options. On your computer keyboard, Click R to instantly save the file.

  • If you want to merge two or more recordings, select all of them, right-click on your mouse and select ‘Join’.

  • With Ocenaudio you can convert your track to mono or stereo and even split one stereo track into two mono tracks. Right click on the track you want to convert and then select ‘Convert to Stereo’ or ‘Convert to Mono’.

The application performs edits that are destructive in nature. Performing such edits would completely change your file and is often irreversible after a point. Thus it is important to save desired versions of your audio separately on your hard-drive. Thus, these files are protected from the changes made on further edits in your Ocenaudio session. It is not a great multi-track editing tool for complicated audio. However, it is one of the go-to tools for simple stereo and mono track edits.

Video files in the mp4 format too are supported by the application. However it is highly recommended that you avoid high-resolution files or large size as they tend to make Ocenaudio crash. Hence Loopazon recommends Ocenaudio only for performing edits small files.


Ocenaudio is a totally uncomplicated application to perform small edits to your stereo and mono files. Some features in Ocenaudio are often hailed superior to Audacity, by sound editors. The interface in simple and concise, enabling rookies to quickly get familiar with the operations and functionalities of the application. There is no limit to the file size, audio length or the amount of files in Ocenaudio. However, as recommended in this article, you should choose wisely when to use this application. Working with too many files, especially large ones tends to cripple the application, thus making it crash. There are better free alternatives for editing sound with large file-sizes. According to us at Loopazon, Audacity holds the edge while working with large files. The stability and performance of Audacity is far superior to Ocenaudio, despite some superior features in the latter.


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