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Loopazon UGO Audio Disturbance Download Software Music

UGO Audio's Disturbance is a powerful sample player designed to create stunning and unique sounds from any source material. The plugin allows users to chop up audio loops into 64 equal parts, giving them control over playback order, sequence filtering, distortion, pitchshifting, and more. By using the built-in controls of Disturbance, users can make subtle changes or completely warp their source material into something entirely new.

The plugin offers several ways of manipulating sound to customize it for different projects. For example, users are able to adjust the slice length or reverse certain slices to achieve an array of different effects. Additionally, they can utilize random slice sequencing as well as four different sequencer directions in order to modulate their audio even further. The mod wheel also allows users to move through the loop almost like a wavetable in order to achieve interesting textures.

Disturbance provides several other features that allow users more control over their sound design process. The plugin includes a host BPM sync or internal clock for time-based functions such as pitching and filtering which track MIDI note input so that anything loaded into Disturbance can be turned into a playable synth oscillator. It also includes dirt (distortion + downsampling + filtering) and sequencer jitter effects plus adjustable start and end points for the sequencer pattern. This wealth of creative options makes it easy for any user to get creative with Disturbance and create great sounding tracks quickly and efficiently.

Disturbance is an incredibly versatile plugin that has become popular among producers due to its wide range of sounds it can generate from single samples or loops - from subtle enhancements to totally warped sounds - all without sacrificing quality or leaving artifacts behind in the signal chain. Whether you're looking for subtle variations on a drum loop or want to take your audio production in an entirely unexpected direction, UGO Audio's Disturbance gives you complete control over your sound design process with its intuitive interface and extensive range of features!

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