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Loopazon UGO Audio Software

UGO Audio's M-theory is an innovative hybrid synth that fuses samples, VA oscillators, and noise with the Karplus-Strong physical modelling technique for a vast array of high-quality synthetic and acoustic/synth hybrid sounds. With its multi part oscillator system, dual phrase arpeggiators, and six built-in effects, M-theory provides producers and sound designers alike with endless possibilities for sonic creation.

At the core of the instrument lies the Karplus-Strong physical modelling technique. This complex synthesis approach utilises two exciters - sample-based (24 inbuilt), virtual analogue (VA) or noise sources - to drive a delay based oscillator. It’s important to note that although samples can be used in this process, they don't impart their tone in the same way as other instruments; only certain characteristics of the sample are passed on to the overall sound outputted by M-theory. This simplifies programming while still offering maximum flexibility when it comes toPhysical Modelling.

The user also has access to extensive filtering options which include lowpass filters, bandpass filters, highpass filters, and all pass filters - all of which can be combined for even greater creative potential. Additionally, M-theory comes equipped with two programmable phrase arpeggiators and a MIDI note doubler which can be used to create intricate rhythmic patterns and unique pitch variations. On top of this there are six built in effects such as Tremolo, Metal Effect Chorus Delay Distortion Reverb to add further colour and texture to your mixdowns.

M-theory ships with 320 presets which cover an array of classic and modern sounds from warm organic instruments all the way through to textured ambiences perfect for adding atmosphere into any production. Whether you're looking for emotive synth leads or huge cinematic pads these patches have you covered no matter what genre or style you produce. Each preset is designed by professional sound designer giving users instant access to quality sounds without spending hours crafting their own tones from scratch.

In conclusion UGO Audio's M Theory is more than capable of delivering cutting edge sonic creations thanks its powerful synthesis engine, comprehensive range of effects and diverse library of presets - making it an ideal choice for both beginners just starting out as well as seasoned professionals who need something new for their existing productions.

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