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Loopazon UGO Audio Metallurgy Free Software Download

UGO Audio - Metallurgy is an incredibly versatile multi-effect processor that allows users to craft unique and complex soundscapes. With three powerful filters, two distortion effects, dual delay, envelope follower, step sequencer and a Metal effect, it provides users with a diverse selection of sonic possibilities. Metallurgy was designed for use with synths, bass and drums but can be useful in any style of production.

Metallurgy’s filters offer multiple modulation options such as step sequencing and include randomizers for maximum sonic manipulation. The Metal effect takes the processor to another level by allowing users to generate pitched sequences that nearly turn it into a synthesizer on its own. It has 16-step pitch sequencers with a 5 octave note range to choose from as well as portamento and sequence length options.

The two down-samplers included in this processor provide extra depth to sounds while the distortion engine offers three modes of operation – each with their own parameters to allow for further customization. All the modulation sections are host BPM syncable including LFOs and sequencers for ease of use in complex rhythmic construction. Users have full MIDI CC control over nearly all parameters as well as MIDI note control of the Metal pitch/gate feature. The Pan Control feature allows panning of each filter independently along with additional pan modulation capabilities.

The Gate Sequencer has sixteen steps and contains controls for gate length and mix amounting too more detailed sound design possibilities. Dual delays provide separate time controls for each delay offering more flexibility when crafting intricate patterns or rhythms in music production sessions. Lastly, the Envelope Follower allows users to modulate any/all of the three filter cutoffs while controlling amount, attack and decay settings in real time or via automation within their DAWs.

Metallurgy comes preloaded with over 500 categorized patches which cater to all styles of music production making it an extremely user friendly processor right out of the box or can be tweaked endlessly depending on one’s creative aspirations. This processor is compatible with both Windows 32Bit and VST formats so users can get up and running quickly upon installation without any compatibility issues. So if you’re looking for something flexible enough to cover everything from subtle filtering tweaks to crazy walls of sound Metallurgy could be just what you need!

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