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Loopazon Software Download - Ugo Audio Rez Download

UGO Audio's Rez is a powerhouse of a synth in a surprisingly small package. Featuring virtual analog oscillators with a sub-oscillator, detune (modulatable via aftertouch), and a highly resonant low pass filter, it has all the components to produce some truly unique sounds. With programmable phrase arpeggiator, four mod destinations step sequencer, an "Age" control (noise to pitch), two types of phase modulation, overdrive with three tone modes, dual delay with stereo width adjustment, plus phaser with optional LFO and velocity modulation - Rez offers a wealth of opportunities for sound manipulation.

The beating heart of Rez is its filter: multiple chained filters act as one powerful filter which can be heavily modulated for maximum resonance. This gives Rez its signature sound that can range from funky squishes and beastly basses to tight arpeggiations and swirling rhythms. And thanks to distortion, atmosphere bells, and interesting effects you can create anything from screaming leads to haunting atmospheres. It also allows for MIDI learn on all controls making it easy to customize your own presets quickly and accurately. 

Furthermore Rez comes in two distinct skins - Yellow & Black or Black & Yellow - so you can make the interface look just how you want it. From sound designers looking for unique tones or producers searching for cutting edge sounds - Rez is sure to deliver every time with its diverse array of features. Whether you're creating dark industrial vibes or expansive cinematic scapes; this incredibly versatile synth certainly packs a punch!

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