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15 Essential Music Production Tips

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1.The Producer, Not the Gear:

Give a great producer even just decent gear and he'll still manage to produce quality results. Learn to use the equipment you have, as well as other mic approaches.
Tip: Learn the fundamentals of acoustics, recording, and mixing on a computer.

2. Garbage In:

Using a lot of effects or compressing a track to death at the mixing stage won't give you the thick sound you want. When you're tracking, keep in mind to always write down what you'll need. Yes, add some compression, but leave room in the mix for more afterwards.

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Tip: When recording, always try to acquire the best signal possible. Don't settle for mediocre results.

3. Monkey see, Monkey do:

The most important things you can learn are by observing and talking to other producers. On YouTube, you may watch other producers, including some professionals, give music production advice. Observing producers at work may be quite beneficial to your own music production advancement.
Tip: Make connections with other producers and speak commerce when you get the opportunity. This is where you'll always find the greatest music producing advice.

4. Save Obsessively Silly:

Without a doubt, computer music creation is fantastic. Computers and software, on the other hand, have a tendency to crash. So, save like an O.C.D. drip-fed on steroids frenzied madman. Make use of the shortcut. Make frequent use of it!
Tip: You may find yourself pressing the save shortcut too often, so make it a habit. At the very least, your efforts will be documented.

5. Close your Eyes to open your soul:

Music creation has become much more of a visual activity thanks to computer-based DAWs, often at the sacrifice of decent quality.
Tip: Close your eyes and focus your attention on your ears. When looking for a nice sound, trust your ears. It's probably nice if it sounds nice to you.

6. Effects can be added afterwards if the recording is done dry:

In post-production, you can apply as many effects as you desire. If you need to get your effects down, do it on a separate channel.
Tip: On the way in and through the mixing stage, keep your recordings clean.

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7.Order is the foundation of liberty:

You will be able to be more creative if you keep your studio, computer file system, or DAW session tidy.
Tip: Keep everything in order so you don't become overwhelmed or engrossed in technological concerns.

8. When you work, you get inspired:

Every day, professionals sit down and work. This is what distinguishes them as professionals. They don't wait for inspiration to come to them. What you concentrate on expands.
Tip: Work on your trade every day, and the Muse will come to you frequently. It's a waste of time to wait for inspiration.

9.A Break:

No, I haven't done any scientific research on this. I'm sure the articles are published in an academic journal somewhere.
Tip: To avoid brain-fry and cloth-ears, take regular breaks every 15 to 20 minutes, especially when mixing. This will protect your hearing, provide you with greater perspective, and increase your productivity.

10.There Are Many Ways To The Holy Grail:

A skilled music producer is just concerned with the final mix. It's up to you how you go to the holy grail.
Tip: You'll develop your own techniques and work-flow. What matters is only what it sounds like when you press play.

11. Increasing Group Control:

All channels are frequently routed directly to the stereo out or master bus by producers. The amount of control you have over the mix is reduced as a result. Creating sub-mixes of groups of tracks and then sending those sub-mixes to your master channel is a superior method.
Tip: You may have more control over the signal that finally reaches the master bus by grouping comparable instruments or sounds together. You can use this to bind groups together, regulate dynamics, and even add parallel processing to your group tracks.

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12. Be Aware of Distortion's Importance:

Distortion may bring to mind guitar overdrive or fuzz pedals. Distortion can be used in many ways to achieve a better sounding track or mix. Try using heavy distortion or saturation in parallel to add body or bite to a track or instrument. You can EQ and compress your distorted channel and then simply blend it in with the original channel.
Tip: One of the most essential techniques for making better and louder mixes is distortion. You'll notice a difference in your tracks if you master the art of distortion.

13. Restriction encourages innovation:

It's all about alternatives in modern music creation. Is it possible to create a complete dance track with only one decent synth? Let's start with a single example. When it comes to music production, they say necessity is the mother of innovation, and this is certainly true.
Tip: As a challenge, impose constraints on yourself and watch what occurs. It's possible that you'll be pleasantly surprised by what happens.

14. At all times, keep it simple:

Over-complicating can lead to overwhelm later on. The idea is to get to 80%-90% done as soon as possible and then fine-tune and finesse the track.
Tip: The simpler you keep the production process at each step of the way the faster and easier it'll be. Finished tracks are what it's all about.

15.The Hump Becomes a Snowball:

You'll get to a point when you feel stuck and as if you're not making any progress. This is a procedure that most producers go through. Those that succeed are those who push through their doubts and anxieties and keep going.
Tip: The hump you're pushing up against will peak and then begin to descend. Continue to grow and pay your dues, and you'll soon be the one who makes it appear simple.