Best Drum Thrones for Optimal Comfort and Stability (Beginner How To Guide, Full Tutorial)

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Even as drumming newbies…

It doesn’t take us long to figure out how important the drum throne truly is.

Does it?

As the base from which we support all our movements, and attain our leverage…

good drum throne not only makes it more comfortable to play for extended periods…

It actually makes a noticeable difference in the speed and precision of your playing itself.

Especially, with your footwork.

And yet sadly…so many drummers settle for mediocre seating, perhaps to save money…

Or perhaps because they’ve simply never sat on a REALLY good throne, and have no idea what they’re missing.

If you’re reading this post though, I’m guessing you know better.  And so for today, I intend to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, in this comprehensive guide to the very best drum thrones on the planet.

Ready to get started?  Then let’s begin.


First up…

Budget Drum Thrones?

Since even top-of-the-line drum thrones are relatively inexpensive ($250 is nothing compared to the other stuff we buy as drummers)…

I honestly wouldn’t recommend the cheaper to anyone.

Especially since they’re unlikely to be much better than the one you currently have.

Instead, you’re better off just saving your money for one of the really good ones, which we’ll cover in a moment.

Right now though…

If you currently have NOTHING…and you won’t be able to afford better in the foreseeable future…

Here are some top options between $50-100, which is the absolute lowest range you should even consider:

Up next, let’s look at some reasons why you should ideally spend more on something better:

The 4 Benefits of Premium Drum Thrones

When you choose the best of the best, these are the biggest benefits you’ll get:

  1. quieter movement – which means you won’t hear the annoying squeaks and pops you normally get with cheaper chairs.
  2. more comfort – which means it’s much easier to get through those multi-hour playing sessions without needing to stand up for a break.
  3. more stability – which means your playing could immediately show noticeably improvement, especially in your footwork.
  4. better back support – which is not only nice for the added comfort, but is essential if you want to continue playing into your later years.

Now…keep in mind that these 4 benefits apply to ALL the thrones we’re about to see right now.

Starting with…

1. Tama Thrones

As one of the most recognizable names in drum gear, and drumming in general…

Tama recently took it upon themselves to improve their already amazing line of thrones…

With their new and improved, “First Chair” Series.

And according to them, here’s exactly what they did:

They increased overall stability of the throne by adding the following features:

  • extra large rubber feet
  • stronger legs
  • lower center-of-gravity

In the 1st chair series, there are several variations to choose from, including:

  • the standard Ergo Rider with a tractor-shaped seat
  • the Round Rider with a round seat
  • the Wide Rider with an XL tractor seat
  • the Glide Rider with hydraulic seat adjustment
  • and the optional backrest for any of them

Here are the links to each of them below:

As you’re about to see, each of the upcoming brands offer similar options as well…which typically means a choice between:

  • round OR tractor shaped seats
  • standard OR extra large sizing 
  • manual spindle OR hydraulic seat adjustment
  • backrest OR no backrest

Got it?  Now on to the next brand…

2. Drum Workshop Thrones

As the reigning the King of all things drums…

Drum Workshop probably makes a wider variety of high-end drum equipment than any other brand today.

And their selection of thrones is no exception.  They have:

  • expensive thrones – in the 9000 series
  • mid-priced thrones – in the 3000 and 5000 series
  • budget thrones – in the PDP 700 and 800 series

…and among these many options you can find virtually any combination of features you desire.

At the very top of the 9000 series is their Heavy-Duty Airlift chairs, which feature a pneumatic height adjustment.


Here is a list of links to their top models in the upper price ranges:

Up next…

3. Roc N Soc Thrones

As the one and only company on this list that specializes entirely in seating for musicians…

Roc n Soc has quite arguably been the name most synonymous with drum thrones for many years now.

In fact, when you look back at their history…

What you’ll find is that they’ve been the leading innovator in virtual every technological advance in drum thrones over the past several decades.

They were the first to offer:

  • motion thrones
  • sculpted seats
  • seats with colorful fabric and stitching
  • gas-powered height adjustment and shock absorption
  • optional backrests

…plus many more advancements that I won’t even bother mention…since I’m sure you get the point.

4. Pork Pie Thrones

Oddly enough…despite the fact that Pork Pie makes pretty awesome drum kits as well…

With many musicians, their thrones are what they’re best known for.

And while they may not be that popular worldwide yet, in the USA at least…

They’re right up there next to Roc n Soc, as one of the names most synonymous with premium drum thrones.

Compared to the other brands on this list…

Pork Pie is known for making particularly comfortable cushy seats, wrapped in loud, fancy colors and fabrics.

And if you happen to be a larger drummer, be sure to check out their Big Boy line, which may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Unfortunately I have no video to share with you here, because suprisingly, all the exisiting Pork Pie vids are quite terrible.

So instead let’s just skip straight to the links:

Up next…

5. Gibraltar Thrones

While they don’t have nearly the same reputation for drum thrones as the previous brands on this list…

With the new thrones in their 9608 series…

They bring one particularly interesting feature to the table, that we haven’t seen in any previous thrones up til now.

The seat fabric is made of unique slick-textured nylon webbing on the outer edges, which serves two purposes:

  1. it’s more breathable than other fabrics, which keeps your butt cool and sweat-free. 
  2. it’s slicker than other fabrics, which allows for free and easy movement of your legs.  

And while this second feature might have you wondering if you’ll be slipping and sliding on this seat…

You need not worry, because Gibraltar addressed this problem by adding a non-slip patch in the center which keeps your butt firmly anchored in place.

And while Gibraltar does carry many other throne models as well, I won’t mention them here since none stand out in any real way, compared to the thrones we’ve already covered.

Now finally for the last brand on the list…

6. Ahead Thrones

As a company primarily known for their innovations in drumsticks and drumming accessories…

Ahead is probably not the first name that comes to mind when you think of high-end drum thrones.


It’s quite possible that their new throne, the Spinal G, is the most unique and innovative throne on the market today.  In fact, many user reviews say it’s the best they’ve ever had.

So what exactly makes this throne so special?  Well…

Based on the concept of “Ergokinetics,” a term coined by the throne’s designer: Dr. Richard Robershaw…

The Spinal G is designed to support your body in motion, as you’re playing…

In contrast to the more familiar term, “ergonomics“, referring to things designed to support your body at rest.

And it accomplishes this goal with its one-of-a-kind split-seat design, which does two things:

  • First, by leaving an open space down the middle, it removes pressure on your tailbone, which is supposedly one of the leading causes of back pain that many drummers experience.
  • Second, by having a separate cushion for each “cheek”, it provides what they call a “spring-balanced” design, which essentially offers separate and reciprocal support for each half of your body.

Here are the links to both versions: