Guide to Mix Music Like Audio Engineer

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As a home recording musician, you’re always on that never-ending search for better sound.

You buy all the latest plugins.

You own the ridiculously over-priced studio monitors and condenser mics.

You read every book, and memorize every tip on how to make your mixes sound just like the pros.

Except your mixes DON’T sound just like the pros…do they?

In fact, they’re probably not even close.

Sound familiar?  If so, your story most likely sounds something like this:

The Typical Story of Frustration…

You’ve been learning to mix music for several months or years now…

But it seems like every time you try to EQ a track, you just make one random change after another…tweaking settings for 10, 20, 30 minutes or more…hoping to somehow “stumble” upon that perfect tone.

And after all that hard work…

The end-result clearly sounds different, BUT…

  • you can’t say for sure if it actually sounds BETTER,
  • you definitely can’t say WHY,
  • and you have no idea what you’re doing wrong

Well the truth is, it all boils down to the REAL root of your problem…

What the Pros Hear That You DON’T

It’s widely-known that experienced audio engineers possess a unique “6th sense” which the rest of us simply don’t have.

When they hear a sound, whether it’s a single instrument, or an entire mix…

They’re able to mentally separate that sound into individual frequency bands, and know almost instinctively which bands sound too strong or weak compared to the others.

As a result, their mixing decisions are deliberate and purposeful…because just by listening, they know exactly what’s wrong, and how to fix it.

Which is why, you can put a world-class engineer in your simple home studio, and put yourself in his $10 million pro studio…

And he will STILL create a better mix than you…EVERY TIME.

The question is…

Can this ability be LEARNED?

When you first realize that your ears are the real problem behind your crappy mixes…it’s depressing as hell.

Because when it was your gear’s fault…at least you knew you could save up your money, get better gear, and eventually fix the problem.

But how on Earth do you fix your EAR?

Well traditionally, to develop the ability to “hear frequencies” like the pros…

You do exactly what they did, which is…spend countless hours in the studio working under a mentor, slowly absorbing the skill through years of experience.

The problem is…99% of us have neither the luxury nor the desire to follow that path.

Luckily, there is another way…

The Ear Training Solution for Everyday Musicians


When I first heard about this new software by Train Your Ears, I was excited as hell.

Could this simple tool really work to help us average guys develop our ears?

It looked promising, but I wanted to investigate further.

As I discovered, the software is based on a proven teaching method that has actually been around for decades.

Here’s How It Works…

The basic process behind this technique is simple:

  1. You hear a sound (either noise or music).
  2. You hear it AGAIN, with random EQ changes applied.
  3. You guess what changes were made.
  4. You check the answer to see if you were right.

It almost sounds too easy, huh?

But when you really stop and think about it, in order for our brains to develop the ability to instantly recognize the sound of different frequencies…

There is really NO better way to learn it, than this simple 4 step process.

But the question is…

Why THIS software?

My first thought when I learned of this technique was:

Why do I need software for that?  Couldn’t I just practice it with a partner?

And that’s true…you could.

But then I realized, the reason so few people possess this skill…is because so few people have a buddy willing to sit there and practice with them long enough to learn it.

And THAT’S why the software is so brilliant.

Not only does it allow you to practice by yourself whenever you want…

The features within the software allow you to practice at a rate 10X faster than you ever could with a partner.