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How to Make a Beat in Ableton: Adding Effects To Your Tracks

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Ableton guide

There is no question that Ableton Live has taken the music making world by storm, and for good reason. It's settings are immense, amazing sounds and melodies can be made with its innovative controls. With using the built in midi notes or instrument presets, its a great starting point to new tracks, beats, loops and samples. It's straight forward to use with huge functionality, and controls down to the most specific sounds. Certain hits, including the most popular hip hop music, are made with midi presets, bass, sample, and instruments, and tuned with Ableton settings. From chords to creating sounds with Hi-Hats, many producers have found Ableton to be their favorite DAW for creating sounds of every sort. It's able to create loops and samples with ease, and it doesn't take a degree in sound design to do music production at a professional level with this music tool.

In this article we will go over some of the basic looping techniques you can use in Ableton Live 9. We'll also show you how to make drum loops using the Ableton settings for drum rack, Midi controller, pads, playback, and other controls exclusive to Ableton. Play the loop before downloading, with our thousands of audio clips you can browse the best EDM drop, before downloading and getting to work on the edit. Alternatively, you can download free drum libraries, and learn how to download royalty-free loops from Loopazon so that you have everything you need to start making your own tracks.

Ableton includes a multitude of EQ plugins for all types of audio effects. On the settings menu you can find playback mode, arrangement view, and more to realize the perfect sound you have in your head. However great the instruments and example sounds that come with it are, most VST plugins are available for free on our free music software page. The greatest list of FREE VST samples, sounds, and effects a person has seen in his career is available here on loopazon. Have a gander and see for yourself, you are sure to fall in love with more then a few loops uploaded by our community, amongst the countless thousands of free loops on the site! Check out some of the most beautiful sounds created in Ableton by VST, uploaded to the site daily. With proper use of Ableton one can turn even the most seemingly unattractive loop into something interesting, expansive, and inspiring.

Why Use Ableton? FL Studio Vs. Ableton Functionality and Comparison

Ableton is a great DAW for music production, and it has many benefits over other DAWs such as FL Studio or Logic. Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of Ableton.

Ableton Pros and Cons


- Huge range of functionality and community

- Basic UI with great functionality, loved by beginners and professionals alike

- Great for creating loops and samples with built in instruments and sound packs

- Thousands of amazing presets available, plenty of free plugins


- Some features can be confusing or overwhelming for beginners, a slight learning curve

- Not the best choice for mastering or audio mixing, as better alternatives exist for that, such as Logic Pro and FL Studio.

When compared to Ableton, fl Studio has some different pros and cons. Let's take a look at fl studio now.

FL Studio Pros and Cons


- Great range of free plugins available, more free plugins then any other DAW

- Best DAW if you want to learn sound design from scratch, as it is very easy to use

- Great selection of fl studio plugins, effects and instruments and huge community behind it


- Can be a bit more complicated for beginners who do not have much experience with music production programs. This is because fl Studio does not provide as many helpful presets or pre made loops as Ableton.

How do I make a beat loop in Ableton?

Before you create and begin editing, you need to have an idea in mind. The first step is to create a new MIDI track. Perhaps you want to make a hop hop sound using hi hats and utilizing a drum rack. With the drums sound as a base, you can add a vocal piano loop or EDM sample. Layered on top of that can be instruments like trumpets, or audio clips of vocals - for example. This can be done by selecting "New" in the top left corner of Ableton, next to the play button, or by pressing Command-N (Mac) or Control-N (Windows). In the newly created MIDI track, select an instrument that you would like to use for your beat loop - such as the default Ableton drum kit. Alternatively you can choose from our selection of free instruments packs available on loopazon, ranging from Pianos to Guitars, vocals, and everything in between.

Now, create a new clip by clicking the "Clip" button in the top left corner of Ableton, or pressing Command-N (Mac) or Control-B (Windows). You can also create a new clip by dragging an existing MIDI clip into the track's timeline. This can be done by making sure that the "Clip" button is selected (red), or by using the keyboard shortcut Command-Option-Down Arrow (Mac) or Control-Alt-Down Arrow (Windows).

When adding any clip, loop, instrument, or sample, to Ableton, you'll notice a number of different features in the track's timeline. These include an overview, tempo, and key. The overview will show you a preview of the entire clip, while the tempo slider lets you adjust the speed of your beat loop. You can also change the pitch of your loop by clicking and dragging on the key icon.

The most important part of making a great loop is finding the right groove for your track, which Ableton allows for.

Now that you have created a basic loop, it's time to add some effects!

Adding effects to your Ableton Beat

There are a few different ways to add effects to your Ableton loop. One way is to use the "Reverb" effect, which can be found in the "Effects" tab on the right-hand side of Ableton. This will add reverb to your beat loop, and can be adjusted by clicking and dragging on the "Dry/Wet " knob controls.

Other then instruments, another way to add effects is by using plugins, which you can find tutorials for how to use here. These can be added by selecting "Add Plugin" from the top left corner of Ableton, or by pressing Command- Shift -P (Mac) or Control-Shift-P (Windows). You can also find VST's (plugins) on our free music software page .

When adding plugins, you'll notice that the track's overview will change to show the plugin's interface. This lets you control the parameters of each effect in real-time.

Ableton also includes a number of built-in effects, which can be found by selecting "Add Built-In Effect" from the top left corner of Ableton, or by pressing Command- Shift -C (Mac) or Control-Shift-C (Windows). You can also add a new effect from the "Plugins" tab in Ableton's browser.

Once you have added an effect, it will show up on your track, and you're ready to start making hit songs!

Make a Drum Loop With Ableton

We all love the drum sounds, with so many drum kits to choose from, picking the perfect drum samples can be hard? It is arguably the most important factor in how the track turns out, its the foundation for (hopefully) a great piece of music. If the foundation is faulty, you have already lost. The drums should be implemented with the passion of a master architect, lest it all comes crashing down. Master the base of the beat first, then you are golden, more is owed to drums then any sound or instrument, it's what gets stuck in your head and makes you want to groove - and play it over and over again. Ableton is perfect for making amazing drum loops. Check out this hip hop sound loop for an example of what sounds you can be creating using drum pads, loops, and instruments on this DAW.

Ableton is the best software to make drum loops using Midi clips, or drum racks samples. It has a simple and easy interface, and among other things, allows you to add effects in real time, be it bass Midi patterns or Ableton live drum beat. Ableton's easy interface allows you to add effects in real time, ensuring that the beat loop has the right sound, whether 808 drums or a vocal loop. Spend less time on your computer trying to figure out how to make a drum loop and more time making hit songs with an excellent quality of music, all will love, and if you hit it just right - the billboards too!

Sell / Share Your Track on Loopazon

The future of music is here, making music has never been easier, many music producers are crossing the rubicon and taking a place in the music production industry. With our helping hand at every juncture, our tutorials, music community and forum, free plugins, and so many thousands of wonderful loops, you have no excuse. We are dedicated to helping artists and producers who contribute to our platform gain a following, that is our promise. If you upload a few loops, or put them for sale, we will make promo posts all over the place on our many socials, or write articles for you. This burgeoning music community, that's crypto and NFT friendly, is under heavy development, innovating in every way, and being only a year old as of this writing we are on trajectory to push this sector of the music industry to new heights. Huge things are in store. Stay tuned!


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