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How to: Write The Christmas Music | Loop for Xmas songs

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How to write the perfect Christmas music loop

Writing a Christmas song is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a certain connection and feelings attached to the song that every person can relate to. Famous pop stars like Elvis, Shakey, Cliff Richard, mark Smith sang their best versions of Santa songs at their time. And it is an extreme precision to deliver a song that is simple yet connectable.

Different people have different perceptions about xmas music. Some musicians, like those on, like to create music that is not only amusing on Christmas but other occasions as well. Whereas, some like to create pure Christmas music that is relatable to everyone celebrating the merry holidays. With this approach, there has been a huge variety of music which includes both types of music that is mentioned before. To create soulful music, it is essential to think out of the box and there is no harm in breaking some rules if you are getting perfect music for your audience which serves as a treat to their ears. We have an example of Marvin Gaye’s “Christmas In The City” which is not relatable by anyone and it seems like an office party song. To create a smash hit Christmas party music, follow the guidelines below.

Music that depicts love for Christmas

To write soulful xmas songs, one must have a heart for the holiday sprit, and depict it in there music. Like Elvis did with his Xmas song “Merry Christmas Everyone” unlike Shakin Stevens whose music was unable to leave a mark on the audience. If your love for Christmas is not showing through your music it is not going to be connected with your audience. Other than love, is the deliverance of the music that matters a lot. For instance, Bob Dylan’s “Must Be Santa” was an amazing production but he was unable to connect to the audience because of his cartoonish way of deliverance. 

Leap Of Faith

Anything that is created with the unnecessary need of talking about religion becomes an instant turn-off. So, it is advisable to only focus on the message that Christmas gives which is to be happy and celebrate every moment with your loved ones. An Xmas song is all about family, relationships, gifts, and most importantly Santa and his reindeers so this Christmas music should be created in a way that it is globally accepted by everyone without hurting anyone’s sentiments over religion. On, once can download thousands of royalty free loops and samples, or share their work in the giving spirit of Christmas.

Jingle Bells 

A perfect Xmas song is not complete without the use of the Jingle bells sound because it gives essence to the whole Xmas melody. Like any piece of art, it requires a vision. Perhaps you want to depict Santa on his sled with Rudolf right beside. For this, you can consider using sleigh bells sounds, or jingle bell sounds, of which many are to be found on loopazon. The loopazon music community has many Christmas loops for all sorts of categories and genres. Many artists used these sounds in their music like Phil Spector, Wizzard, Mariah Carey, and many more. But these sounds should be incorporated in a healthy amount otherwise the beauty of the music will be lost. The use of sleigh bells sound differentiates the Xmas song from an ordinary song no matter what lyrics are used in the music, whenever you’ll hear jingle bells on any medium you will instantly realize that it is a winter holiday music and this is what the real beauty of Xmas song is. 

Be the Change

Every December, you can bring the change and come up with a piece of music that showcases the problems in society and how can people help those in need to enhance the essence of Christmas as it is for everyone and not only for privileged people of the society. Call it a marketing technique or song composing, try to find a reason that you can associate with your music as people around Christmas tend to charity a lot so you have a golden chance to use this to ladder up in the charts of Christmas hits. You can even get in touch with several agencies to help you in composing hit music which will give you more exposure. As Slade’s Noddy Holder said: “It’s like winning a lottery every December 25 for the rest of your life.”

Upbeat Tempo

To make winter holiday music all will love, may require some tinkering with tempo. As Christmas is all about celebrating happiness, you must use a major key and upbeat tempo to create Christmas music. The hits which are fun to listen to, happy and upbeat are created with a major key consisting of 115 beats per minute which makes them the most popular holidays hits. This survey was done by Berklee College of Music. 

Lost Love

The Xmas melody is not complete if it doesn't remind one of jollier times, it must sound like it, a Christmas tune! The holidays are meant to be a happy time where everyone seems to be celebrating with their loved ones but for some people, it is the loneliest time of the year. Every person has either a good or bad memory attached to Christmas, which they recall every year. This can be a good technique to use in music production so that people relate to it and look back. Such a hit that directly touches the heart of listeners is known as a melancholy song and is successfully used by artists like George Michael, Elvis Presley, Coldplay, etc. Writing about lost love or loneliness seems to have a great impact. Loopazon offers a variety of articles concerning how to fix writers block, and how to make good lyrics, on their music articles page.

Christmas in Summer

When we think about the holidays, all that comes to our mind is snow, foggy nights, log fires, etc., little did we know that all Christmas hits are shot in summer. Yes, you read it correctly so you need to write and create your song in summer. Only in this case, you will be able to put forward your music in front of different publishers, TV, A&R, and movie production houses. Because everything for Christmas is already planned in summer and if you think to start prepping in December only then you might get a chance next year as there will not be any slot left you. 

Catchy Melody

Music that is created on Christmas has one common thing and that is a catchy melody. It becomes impossible for listeners to not sing along if your music has a catchy Xmas melody. Try to incorporate simple yet relatable lyrics that are instantly attracted to the listeners and they become addicted to your song. 

A Boston Conservatory musicologist Dr. Joe Bennette created a formula for the happiest song of Christmas ever which is “Love is not just for Christmas.” It is three minutes long featuring jingle bells jingling in the chorus mentioning Christmas word for 21 times that stimulated happiness in listeners.

Dr. Joe said:

“There is no simple formula for a successful song, and in practice, songwriters combine their own experience, musical skills, and personal creative preferences when writing.”

Over 200 Christmas hits were examined by Dr. Joe focusing on the musical key, lyrics, vocals, and tempo. The pointers were made on the singer type, whereas nine broad themes were formed based on songs examined. The outcome of this examination was that the use of words like snow, peace, Santa, home, jingle bells, and love hold extreme importance in the chorus. 

Following the above guidelines will help you compose a super hit Xmas song. Writing a Christmas music is somewhat similar to composing an ordinary song, you just need to focus on the pointers that are important for a Xmas tune and then your winter holiday music will be on everyone’s lips within no time. Create the next big hit! 

Let us know you’re about your favorite Xmas song in the comment section or on the loopazon forum. Check out the loops page for all the best free loops & sample packs, music software downloads, VSTi's, DAW's, MIDI programs, musical forum, and so much more.


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