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The Best Music Genre: Christmas Music!

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Trust us, there are few men profiles on Tinder which states that they are music fans except for country music and rap. Now, in this era, it is very problematic to talk about yourself in such a way where we have already moved past racism. Omnivority has long gone beyond the challenge, and there are seats around the table to recognize excellence in all genres.

People crave to hear Christmas music in stores at this time of the year because it brings joy and happiness. The best part about traditional Christmas songs is that listening to these songs uplifts the mood and no matter what you are going through, you will feel instant energy in yourself. 

Traditional Christmas songs talking about Jesus, Christmas time, people hustling and bustling, Santa bringing toys, snowy time, party time, jingle bells rocking around a goose, etc. are the most happening songs and they make Christmas music the best genre of all. Following are the pointers that we have gathered after research that proves that the Christmas music genre is the best.


I fall for this cliché of Jews who love Christmas infinitely: I am sure that many of us turned out to be lawyers as we were not given sufficient knowledge about magic in this world hence, we were overwhelmed with the notion of Santa Claus. However, I grew up with Charlie Brown and Christmas Carols. My mom used to book a spiral ham from the Honey Baked Ham Store for all of us to eat on Christmas eve. Hanukkah didn’t touch me the same way, besides Ma’oz Tzur, that old sad music of Old Country is a drawback. Disney songwriters should have been hired to produce Christmas songs so that we could have got something better than Dreidel's song. You don’t have to be Christian to love or appreciate religious Christmas music. 

Perception of Time

Summer songs come and go but winter music has its place. Blockbuster music hits of the past go into the “throwback” playlist and the “year-end” album clears the slate for future music hits. We talk about Bolt Cutters until a hit comes Punisher until another hit “folk-ver-more” comes. But when it is time for Christmas music to hit our radio stations, we all are set back to our beautiful memories attached to past Christmases. You are partying with your colleagues; you are enjoying semester break at home away from college or you are at a toy store “Toys R Us” looking at the most eye-catching toys. You start thinking about your family or grandparents whom you have not met in a while. Even the lowest Christmas music takes you back to your childhood and you start cherishing those beautiful Christmas memories. 

Glitz and Glamour

Two things go hand in hand in secular Christmas music and that is Sparkly lights and jazz standards. Unless it’s Mariah Carey or Lady Gaga people don’t take interest in this. This one month of Christmas celebrations let us enjoy ourselves in chintz and tinsel. It is all about celebrating ornamentation, this is why people love to buy ornaments for Christmas decorations. The aesthetic warm vibes of Christmas go beyond the Nat King Cole stuff to Motown, the genre that perfectly sums up the Christmas cheer. 


This is not wrong to say that every new Christmas music doesn’t try to agree to the most radio-friendly Christmas music on “let it snow” every year. But then some Christmas songs bend their way to shine out in the Christmas music canon, making their path and letting people realize the long-lost trend in classic holiday music. 

Fun Percussion

In the rest of the eleven months of the year, when do we likely to hear jingle bells? When do we hear ding-dong church bells? When do we hear big-band drumming? All these are fun, exciting yet experimental fixes of Christmas music and these fun staples remind us that how boring and dull these looks in the non-winter season. It is seen very rare that jingle bells are used in any non-Christmas music. Jingle bells are not only the main essence of Christmas music but are festive also, we should incorporate more of it the whole year. 

Scream Along-Able Christmas Music

It happens rarely that a song with a hooky chorus is produced and it makes us scream along with the song. This is the case with Christmas music that its chorus is so hooky that you can’t resist screaming along with the song. 

If we analyze songs, we discover that around ninety-five percent of music is all about having fun and five percent is about relationships. Christmas music is solid proof that you can produce music by writing on topics besides romance, roasted nuts, etc., and still be on top of the charts.

But Christmas music can be horny too! If you remember the movie “Eyes Wide Shut” is a Christmas movie you will realize Christmas is a very horny season. The Christmas music “Baby It’s Cold Outside” was misunderstood as a rape culture by the listeners but it was beautifully written and performed by the writer with his wife expressing his love for her. Talking about love, let’s talk about the famous 1980s couple Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, they looked perfect together in their album. Their musical timing and chemistry were brilliant throughout the Christmas music video. They looked so adorable together that people were kind of upset that they were not a real-life couple. Their Christmas song “Islands in the Stream” is served as their best achievement but “Once Upon a Christmas” is still their best work. 

Brian Rabinovitz Ph.D., a neuroscientist at William and Mary who specializes in musical cognition, states that Christmas music is structured in a very pleasing way. For instance, the melody is saved in our brain’s prefrontal cortex when we hear a piece of music for the first time. Our brain keeps on looking for the same or somewhat similar melody and when we hear the same melody again the result is very comforting and satisfying. 

Pop and Christmas music have somewhat predictable melodies as compared to other music genres. So, when we listen to Christmas songs the track of the music becomes more connected. 

Dr. Rabinovitz explained in his press release:

“Hearing something you know very well; you already have strong expectations. You’re making these predictions, having this moment of tension, and then realizing the prediction was correct.”

And when we connect this theory with nostalgia, we realize why Christmas music makes us feel so touchy and emotional. Christmas songs tend to make you feel all joyous and emotional at the same time. It makes you feel happy and sad at the same time. You can find every song according to your mood in the Christmas music genre, whether you want to party or cheer up a sad mood. The sort of comfort you feel while listening to sad music is a kind of positive effect that is found in Christmas music that makes you cheerful. These are the reasons why Christmas songs give you all the feels and make you happy. All this summarizes that Christmas music is the best music genre.  


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