Tips for promoting your Music on Tiktok.

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Are you on Tiktok?

Tiktok has grown massively catering over 689 monthly users worldwide and is still in the phase of rapid growth. Being an artist, you must know the use of Tiktok to catch maximum eye balls.

Among all the platforms, Tiktok is considered to be the best medium to showcase your musical talent as it was initially launched with the name “” where short videos (basically lip-synced) were shared by users. The app was created for music and dance related content which is now famous for creating content from any genre and giving users a wide platform to showcase their talent.

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Renowned artists credit their success to Tiktok just like Lil Nas X who’s one song “Old Town Road” got on everyone’s tongue just because he shared a clip of it on Tiktok and it got viral globally. Such stories are not very common but still this platform is giving people recognition in their fields by making anything viral within no time. Tiktok should be in your marketing plan in order to get eyes on your content.

This article will cover few steps of getting on Tiktok along with few strategies.

Getting on Tiktok!

You can get your music on Tiktok either via

a) a Distributor or b) Uploading a video.

Using a Distributor

This is the best and recommended way of getting music on Tiktok because if you have officially released a song, there are high chances that your song will be available on Tiktok library (you need to take confirmation from your distributor about this). In this way, Tiktok will have a right and you’ll be credited every time your song is being played either by you or other users.

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Uploading a Video

This method comes in handy when you have not officially released a song, make a small video with your song being played at the background and use artist and sing name in title (you can only edit once). Tiktok will charge you for copyright infringement if you use it with an already released song on Tiktok. No one will be able to search the song and no credits will be given to you.

Getting exposure on Tiktok!

The two main strategies to get exposure on your music is to either become Content Creator or Collaborate with other users on Tiktok.

Becoming a Content Creator

This option is best for people who are not camera shy and want to run things as per their will as this option gives you a liberty of being a boss of your own and share your music directly with your followers. This will help you in generating a real active fan following sharing same taste in music.

This sounds really simple but it’s time and energy consuming hence I am sharing a list of tips that might be helpful for you.

  • Stick to a niche: Your niche is music so you should post content related to music only and don’t confuse audience by sharing other random videos.
  • Use hashtags: Use relevant hashtags as it helps Tiktok algorithm to sort your content and place in front of right targeted audience.
  • Short videos: Keep your content to 10 seconds videos as it will help algorithm to get good number of eyes on your video by repeatedly playing it.
  • Post consistently: In any field, consistency is the key so it is really important to be consistent with your content and post at least twice or thrice a day.
  • Creat unique and eye-catching content: You must create engaging content that helps people in knowing your talent and journey in polishing your skills along with the instruments you use to create your content.

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Taking other users on board

This option is for the people who know that they will not be consistent in creating content so they should hire other renowned users on Tiktok having huge fan following. You need to contact them via DM or Email but there is no asperity of hearing a Yes from every user. The key is to be gentle and patient when contacting the users and showing them an attractive part of your music that they cannot resist to say Yes.