Tips for Staying Motivated Through Your Artistic Journey

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The Vision of Art

Many stories are told that life is all about the journey, not the destination. Many of us realize that the journey at times becomes unrewarding. The journey of an artist could be a long one and occasionally their vision gets blur. Many articles give an insight into how writing down tangible goals can help to achieve them. Writing down goals is not enough because one has subconscious biases towards themselves and what one plan can realistically achieve.

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The difference between achievements and dreams in action. It’s good to dream and even plan, however, artists must actively move towards working. First of all, he must change his mindset, only then he can change the reality, he can literally change his days and his way of thinking to achieve the goals of his life.

Right Tool

The main key is to control, the idea here is to comprehend our imaginations as a toolbox. Many of the artists dream about goals but become overwhelmed in the process of getting desired results. The problem lies when one tries to achieve more than necessary, which makes the goal unattainable. There’s nothing wrong with planning but if your thoughts are self-defeating and overcomplicated, they will become a blockage between the artist and his goals.

Positive affirmations play an important role as if one artist uses his imagination to create a mental picture of what he wants and act as if he has achieved that goal. A few more ways to subconsciously tell your mind, the artist should go through the script again and again which helps to gain the discipline and self-confidence required to achieve the goals. All of these actions will help to rearrange the subconscious mind to better angle towards the goals.

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Goals of the Day

Planning is the best way to keep track of accomplishments over the long-term period. Though, the key to success is to check off these goals every day. Many artists get distracted by big goals, the task here is to divide tasks into small milestones. It does become less overwhelming if abbreviate daily tasks into smaller goals.

Setting smaller milestones for the day will be much easier for you rather than running after big goals. The rule of thumb is to avoid social media while working on daily milestones. This rule will help you in long run in your journey.

The Road Towards Success is Never ending

As described by George Leonard, in his book ' The Key to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment, mastery is a voyage that does not consist of a smooth path and keeps one thing in mind that the hurdles will get elevated as you move forward towards your goal. The author thinks that once you have master the skill of patience during the time of your struggle, then nothing can disappoint you during your journey.

The road towards success is never-ending, you just have to give your best and wait for things to get better for you. Nonetheless, if you peek back at your profession and your succession as an artist, there you will certainly notice how far you have already come and have an obvious awareness of who you were.

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Encircle Yourself with Excellence

Your surroundings matter a lot. Even in the recent socially distanced existence, the people you choose to interact with have a remarkable effect on your motivation level. Decorate your space with portraits that look like the destiny you desire to accomplish. Try to interact with people who have similar interests like yours, befriend successful musicians, and listen to their struggle stories. This will motivate you a lot in long run.

Invest your Time

No matter how much time it takes, you must stay dedicated to your goal. There will be times when you will not feel motivated or inspired, but the key here is not to give up on your dreams. Try to connect with other artists for inspiration. You must work hard in order to achieve your goals. If you follow these tips then you will feel happy and content during your struggle period and you won’t be disappointed.