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loopazon Symptohm Melohman PE

Explore all of Symptohm's presets. They sound exactly like they do on the standard edition, with the sophisticated synthesis engine running under the hood. And while you'll only have scratched the surface after going through thousands of patches, you'll still have heard of what the top of the iceberg is capable of.

The Oscillators buttons allow you to change the waveforms. The default ones are fine, but why not set your own samples? Be creative. Have fun. Add the Melohman feature and you get a truly exciting and powerful tool which you'll spend hours and hours with before shouting like a mad monkey: "I WANT MORE!"

Designed to support playability and expressive human feeling, the Melohman technology lets you take advantage of full MIDI compatibility to command preset changes via a hardware controller, in 1 among 7 different modes, with the possibility to customise morphing speed. Perfect for live.


  • "Syncgrain" synthesis. Sample based, only in Symptohm.
  • Melohman octave. Morph and randomize presets with your fingertips.
  • Access all of the patches of the legendary Symtpohm:Melohman
  • Never create your patches, but also never have to read the manual!


We dont host any software files here. The download button will take you to the Ohmforce website where you can download the software direct.

Download Symptohm Melohman PE From Ohmforce Website


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