Omnitaur Monolisa Modulation Subtractive Synth Pink Noise, Volume, EQ, Synth

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Analogue / Subtractive Synthesiser Plugin is a powerful audio plugin designed to provide producers and composers with an easy way to create electronic music. It features a monophonic sound engine, two oscillators, a set of filters, and two envelope generators for controlling dynamics and modulation.

The two oscillators (Osc1 and Osc2) are capable of producing sawtooth, square waveforms with pulse-width modulation (PWM) on Osc1’s square waveform. Transposition of both oscillators can be linked together through the semi-tune transpose feature. Additionally, Osc2 offers sub (square), white and pink noise as further sound sources. The oscillator mixer allows users to adjust the balance between the two oscillators in their sound design.

Analogue/Subtractive's 24dB low-pass and high-pass filters offer ample control over the frequency spectrum of the synthesiser’s sounds. Cutoff and resonance parameters can be adjusted independently while envelope intensity adds dynamic control over filter sweeps. Keyboard tracking ensures that frequencies respond in an intuitive manner when notes are played higher or lower on the keyboard.

The ADSR envelope generator is perfect for creating musical volume swells, decays and other effects over time; it also has velocity control allowing users to make these changes more expressive according to how hard keys are pressed on their MIDI controller or keyboard. The VCA section enables users to set the main volume of their synth instrument as well as add additional envelopes via the same ADSR generator found in its VCF section; this allows for further dynamic manipulation of volume levels across different sections in their sound design.

Finally, Analogue/Subtractive also features a comprehensive LFO section with selectable wave shapes (sine, sawtooth & square), adjustable frequency controls alongside assignable destinations (VCO, VCF & VCA). From its Keyboards section, users can take advantage of its Trigger/Legato switch along with Note Priority function which serves as a global setting across all keys; there’s also portamento time settings for controlling glide between notes as well depth settings for Modulation Wheel & Aftertouch parameters which offer extra expression options throughout performance stages.

It includes two oscillators, filters with envelope intensity control, dual ADSR envelope generators for dynamics and modulation, comprehensive LFO section with assignable destinations, adjustable keyboard tracking settings, portamento time adjustments and more. Whether you’re creating EDM or soundscapes; Analogue/Subtractive allows you to explore a huge range of original sounds through its vast array of features.

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