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Sender Spike, Echobox D7 Download

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loopazon Echobox D7 Spike Free

Two words — nasty and dirty. That’s Echobox D7 in a nutshell.

Sound-wise, it’s a model of an echo mode found in a particular Japanese stomp-box, which AFAIK is a model of one of the two most revered analog tape echos in music history.


  • Delay Time – adjusts, well, delay time (overall range is 30 – 2600 ms)
  • Repeat – adjusts amount of feedback (values above 5 result in (self-)oscillation)
  • Delay Level – sets the volume of delays that gets mixed with dry signal (not wet/dry ratio!)
  • Range – sets the delay time range in which the Delay Time knob operates (30-160, 120-650, 480-2600 ms)
  • Mute – “true” bypass in the sense that it also clears the delay buffer, so you get the behavior as with regular stomp-box (i.e. no weird echos that remain in buffer and return right after switching the effect on again as is the rather common case with time based plug-ins, regular DAW bypass however exhibits this awkward behavior)
  • Manual BPM sync – a set of six “kick” buttons and one three-way switch that allow quick setting of musically relevant delay times relative to actual project tempo


We dont host any software files here. The download button will take you to the Sender Spike website where you can download the software direct.

Download Echobox D7 From Sender Spike Website


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