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loopazon BeatCounter Teragon Audio Free Download

BeatCounter is a simple plugin designed to facilitate beatmatching software and turntables. It displays the current tempo in beats per minute (BPM), and an accumulated average over the last few seconds. BeatCounter is the perfect tool for DJ’s that want to integrate computer effects with turntables or a live band.


  • Current BPM: Shows the actual tempo in beats per minue, updated every beat.
  • Running BPM: Shows the average tempo over the last few seconds. The number of seconds used when calculating this value can be set with the “Period” knob.
  • Beat: This light will pulse with the beat. If you don’t see it flashing in time with music, then try tweaking the filter and tolerance knobs until it starts to pulse in time.
  • Reset: Press this button to recalibrate the plugin for the input source. The BPM display will briefly be reset to 0.0 and all BPM history will be erased. Other parameters will retain their settings.
  • Use Host Tempo: When activated, BeatCounter will assume that the input source is roughly equal to the sequencer’s tempo. This is most appropriate for experienced DJ’s looking to get a fine-tuned BPM display in order to match the sequencer’s tempo to this value. When activated, the minimum and maximum BPM will be forced to +/- 16BPM of the host sequencer’s current tempo.
  • Filter: Enables a lowpass filter to improve beat detection. This setting makes sense when beat-matching with electronic music, and hence is limited to at most 500 Hz. Users attempting to calculate tempo with a live drummer may find the filter too restrictive and should try disabling it for best results.
  • Tolerance: Determines how loud a beat is relative to the loudest calculated sample. For music with a prominent and loud kick (like most dance music), the default value of 75% should be sufficient. For highly compressed music with little dynamic range, a higher value should be used. When tuning this knob, pay attention to the beat light, which should pulse in time with the kick drum when correctly tuned.
  • Period: Determines how many seconds should be considered when calculating Running BPM.


We dont host any software files here. The download button will take you to the Teragon Audio website where you can download the software direct.

Download BeatCounter From Teragon Audio Website


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