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On/Off Autoplay
44 0
BPM: 147 Category: Guitar Electric Genre: Heavy Metal mp3  Key: Cm DAW: Ableton Live
Wine land-Guitar loop
84 0
BPM: 117 Category: Guitar Acoustic Genre: Pop mp3  Key: G DAW: Ableton Live
6 0
BPM: 125 Category: Drum Genre: Afrobeat mp3  DAW: Ableton Live
Main Role-Bells loop
13 0
BPM: 123 Category: Bells Genre: Chill Out mp3  DAW: Ableton Live
Open heart-Drum loop
23 0
BPM: 138 Category: Drum Genre: Trap mp3  DAW: Ableton Live
16 0
BPM: 117 Category: Guitar Electric Genre: Ambient mp3  DAW: Ableton Live
Ready-Synth melody
17 0
BPM: 117 Category: Synth Genre: Trap mp3  DAW: Ableton Live
21 0
BPM: 127 Category: Guitar Acoustic Genre: Acoustic mp3  Key: C#m DAW: Ableton Live
morning sun-Melodic pad
17 0
BPM: 155 Category: Pad Genre: Ambient mp3  DAW: Ableton Live
Fundamental guitar loop
21 0
BPM: 157 Category: Guitar Electric Genre: Weird mp3  DAW: Ableton Live
17 0
BPM: 157 Category: Guitar Electric Genre: Weird mp3  DAW: Ableton Live
Psych synth loop
22 0
BPM: 147 Category: Synth Genre: Hip Hop mp3  DAW: Ableton Live

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