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SFX Groove 118
4 0
BPM: 118 Category: Groove Genre: Electronic wav  DAW: FL Studio
5 0
BPM: 118 Category: Groove Genre: Electro wav  Key: Em DAW: FL Studio
5 0
BPM: 118 Category: Groove Genre: Electro wav  Key: A
SFX 150
4 0
BPM: 150 Category: Groove Genre: na wav  DAW: FL Studio
Voices FX2
8 0
BPM: 108 Category: Groove Genre: Dub wav  DAW: FL Studio
FX 120
7 0
BPM: 120 Category: Groove Genre: Dub wav  DAW: FL Studio
FX 114
6 0
BPM: 114 Category: Groove Genre: Dub wav  DAW: FL Studio
Down-n-Dirty 130
11 0
BPM: 130 Category: Groove Genre: Boom Bap wav 
Hip Hop 100 A
26 0
BPM: 100 Category: Groove Genre: Hip Hop wav  Key: A DAW: FL Studio
Primal Core 120
13 0
BPM: 120 Category: Groove Genre: Fusion wav 
Power Donk 132
11 0
BPM: 132 Category: Groove Genre: Boom Bap wav 
Boots and Pants 140
23 0
BPM: 140 Category: Groove Genre: EDM wav 

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