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The Most Powerful Gear For A Guitarist

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As a guitarist purchasing the guitar will probably be the highest invested item but there are numerous gears from being important to not-so important..

Let’s dive into the most essential gears all the guitarist should own.


Until you intend to go on 100% freestyle, select a few picks. The best is to shop them in packs, saving a few bucks plus you are going to lose some so it is better to have them in packs. Keep a generous supply of picks from prominent manufacturer such as Fender, Dunlop etc. along with few alternatives based on the genre of music.

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There are mainly three types of Tuners no matter what stage you are at. If you are not good in tune, irrespective of how great you play you are not going to produce great sounds.

You can check how close you are to chromatic pitch by plugging in electric guitar or play into built-in mic with Handheld Tuners. Budget friendly tuners are available in market ranging around 10$ to 25$ by well-known manufacturers KORG and DeltaLab.

Clip-On Tuners detect the pitch using contact microphone through guitar’s vibrations as they are directly connected. These tuners are best for live settings to adjust the volume between the songs. You cannot play any other instruments or sing with them. They are best for home jamming sessions or travelling.

On the last we have Pedal Tuners, which are comparatively expensive than the other two but for a good reason and many famous artists trust these tuners.

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If you are working on an electric guitar, you need to have an amplifier. When choosing an amplifier, there are different factors to consider (this will require a separate blog post). High quality amplifiers ranges from 100$ to over 1000$. When purchasing an amplifier, keep a quarter or two-inch power cord. The main thing is to make sure it is a TS cable.


A capo is a device that is usually used to quickly change the pitch of an open chord, but it can also be used to perform some great melodic techniques. They are great for the hood, but should not be heavy on your pocket. Unless you choose the cheapest option available, this is usually a one-time investment, and even so, it should not cost more than $15-25.

Spare Strings

It’s really essential to have few sets of spare strings as sometimes the strings become dull and less efficient, in both the case it is important to have fresh set of strings in spare. It is recommended to try different measures until you find the one that suits you (lighter sensors are easier to pinch, heavier sensors feel warmer).


If you plan to perform, a strap is 100% essential, and even if you don’t, it’s better to have a strap for extra support as it will comfort you. There are various patterns of straps available in the market you can choose as per your personality to stand out in the crowd.

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Hard Case

It is very essential to keep your guitar protected, so you need a hard case for it. A cheaper option is Gig Bag but it is not much secure as compared to hard case.


If you don’t want to keep your guitar back in the case each time you play it is better to get a nice stand to hang it.

Now let’s discuss the gears that are not must-haves but you tend to have them at some point.

  1. There are numerous Effect Pedals of all shapes, make sure to have power supply that goes with your chosen effect pedal.
  2. Amplifier Heads combo have both amplifier and speaker in one unit.
  3. Virtual Amplifier plugins help guitarist create and record amazing sounds.
  4. Slide overcomes chromatic limitations and produces smooth continuous tones.
  5. EBow let you constantly vibrate the strings of your guitar.
  6. Customizations is to alter the guitar in any way by giving a fresh look.
  7. Wireless System allow you to stay as far away from the amplifier as possible and thus get rid of cable constraints.