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Tips To Enhance Your Singing Voice

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Not everybody is born with a perfect singing voice, some have to work really hard on it. But don't worry as we have got you covered. This article is all about enhancing your singing voice by following some simple and amazing tips.

How To Be A Good Singer?

Controlling Pitch

The key is to have a control over your pitch which means not to get carried away or losing the focus on some high or low notes, which is a sign of no control over your pitch or voice.

Voice Support

Enhance your vocal code by doing some simple muscle in throat exercises, continuous vocal practices, and some breathing techniques etc. Only a good vocal support can produce a good singing voice.

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If you want to be a good singer you need to work on your volume such as not every song is of high notes, learn the difference by practicing on high and low notes along with the style that works best not only for the music but for your vocal cords as well.


Be well aware of your vocal cords as to what pitch suits you. Biggest you don't want to lose your voice by practicing wrong pitches.

Your Own Voice

The most important tip is to sing in your own voice and not to copy any artist because you are you and you want to sell your real voice.

How To Improve Your Singing Voice?

Work On Weak Spots

Record yourself singing and look for your weak spots by comparing your singing to the original singer. Find mistakes like if you hit the wrong note or you had breathing issues.


As we all know “practice makes perfect”, you need to work daily on your voice, look for workouts that will it strengthen your vocal cords and improve the range. Practice singing for around 30 minutes a day.

Vocal Exercise

Warm up exercises are very necessary In order to have a perfect singing voice. Such as humming to warm up your vocal muscles.

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Breathing Patterns

If you want a strong singing voice then you need to have a strong breath. Breathing exercises also reduces your stress and make your mind fresh. Take long breaths while inhaling and exhaling plus hold your breath for a while in between.

Voice Care

To be a good singer you need to care extra for your voice and try to avoid activities that puts extra stream on it. Drink eight glasses of water in order to keep your vocal muscles hydrated.


Uh correct posture produces more effective voice. A good posture helps the air moving through your throat, and help you in singing high notes. It is advised to practice singing while laying down straight on the floor by completely relaxing your body.


Perfecting the art of Enunciation will help you produce good singing voice that will help you sing louder and clear notes. Practice saying vowels A-E-I-O-U by standing in front of a mirror and see how your jaw moves.

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Face Muscles

Daily stretching of face and neck muscles make them flexible and you can then have a control over them. Practice some actions that will help you loosen those muscles, such as wide smiling, eyes rolling and eyebrows arching.

Think Down

If you think that you can hit high notes by singing to the highest pitch then you are completely wrong and you need to think down because singing to the highest pitch will only damage your vocal muscles. Try free crying in order to great perfect high notes while singing.

Steady Beat

If you are unsure about whether you have a steady beat or not, you need to buy a metronome. Practice singing with it to have a steady tempo. Moreover, there are several apps available on the Internet to help you maintain a steady beat.


No matter what you do confidence is one of the major element. If you have no confidence on yourself and your talent let me tell you you will fail miserably. If your voice will be confident then you won't need any extra elements do reach your audience, your voice will speak for itself.