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Convert a Sample Into Drum Rack

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Video tutorials are the best way to learn anything, so today we are going to learn that how one can pick up a sound from multiple sources and then utilize those sounds in Remix Deck or in Drum Rack. If you want to make your own original snippets like you have seen in famous memes on social media then this video is perfect for you. To understand the full process do watch the entire video and then download the tools for free.

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In this video you are going to discover many incredible things that will change your perception about sampling, you will discover that sampling is very important for all big producers and DJs. This video explains us about the modern emulation of sample without going to local record store every time. But it doesn’t mean you have to totally replace the old methods of producing samples, like digging in the crates and recording your own voice with instruments and utilizing synths to create original tunes. In my opinion it’s not the best way to get good quality sound tracks. If one is aiming to earn money out of sampling then he/she must know the rules and laws regarding sampling.

Traktor Users:

This software lets you mix your favorite sound tracks (maximum 4 sounds at a time), it also includes an effect and mixer section. This similar method can be used for Traktor pro 2, by doing this you can mix the samples through control vinyl.All you have to do is drag the desired recorded sound file direct into Remix Deck in Traktor. Here is one more important tip that you can use, when you open the program, Traktor will spontaneously import samples that you have created if you set your Music Folder in Traktor (in Preferences>File Management) so that you can include Audio Hijeck Folder.

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Steps to Sample:

For your reference, I have pointed out some basic steps for sampling in this video.

For Windows users: Previously window users use Free Sound Recorder for recording PC’s system audio. However now it’s not the best way because not all soundcard allow this activity, unfortunately with free sound recorder you get a useless toolbar. Sascha and Donmecz have some great insights for solving this problem.

Sascha (for windows): she suggests that a windows user must enable Stereomix and then use Audacity (free version) or you can use any other software to record audio.

DonmecZ: He suggest that for adding an audio file use Stereo Mix , it can be found in Control Panel/hardware or in sound/manage Audio Devices.

For Audacity Software he says , move your curser towards The Input Source “StereoMix” and select it , under the little microphone tap the drop down menu and select the option “ Start Monitoring, then you are done. In his opinion Adobe Soundbooth is a little tricky for this task.

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If you have any more insights regarding additional tools that can be use, then do tells us in the comment section.

Interesting thing is that you can get Drum Rack free of cost by watching this video.

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