Tips To Brand Yourself as a Musician

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In this digital era, it’s really important for musicians to brand themselves to stand in the crowd. Artists work really hard to make their music stand out but they also need to work on their online presence to attract eyeballs. Below is the guideline to help you promote your work worldwide.


One of the major tools for musicians is to have their own website where their fans can go and learn about their favorite musician. In this way you give a platform for your fans and journalists to come over and look at your struggle and your achievements.

One of the cheapest option available to build a website is WordPress website plus if you are into manually handling the designing process then you can go for Wix but if you are into creating a good creative website then you can definitely check squarespace, you need to purchase a domain name but there you can get some creative high end designs.

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Following are the list of pages that you should have in your website:


This page basically includes your bio, history and achievements.


This page includes your youtube videos, Spotify links and other site options where your fans can Can check your work in just one go.


This page includes your reviews from fans or journalists along with the interviews if you have had any.


This page might cost you a bit but it's totally worth it. You need to place your merch like T shirts, mugs, key chains etc plus you can include an MP3 download option and you can also please your CD for fans to buy.

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This page includes all the necessary information for fans and journalists to contact you and your team for events and for some other stuff.

There should also be a subscribe button for newsletter subscription in order to be updated about your upcoming music and events.

Professional Ethics

Being in the music industry is not easy so you need to maintain professional communication with people across the industry. Be nice to your team, to your fans and the journalists they are doing great job in promoting you and do have a check on your fellow industry members, try sharing their successful work on your platform they will definitely recommend you.

Professional & Personal Mix

You need to have a perfectly balanced mix of your professional and personal life as your fans love to get involved in your personal life because they listen to your music Andy treat you as part of their family so they also want to be a part of your family.

Posting Fun Content

Your audience is more likely to be involved in your day and are more interested to know about your upcoming music so it's better to post some BTS or something to give them an idea about your upcoming game. So be consistent in posting content on all your platforms and yes, don't forget to upload your music on the front music sharing apps.

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Professional Press Content

Try to get your professional photoshoot done so that you have high resolution pictures to post on your platforms. Get your hands on amazing journalist who can write an article about your work very deeply so that you can put your foot forward.


Electronic press kit is a PDF file which includes your high resolution Picture along with the bio to your band, latest content and clickable links to your social platforms.

Updated Social Media

People Are more interested in updating social media where they can find your latest releases and your upcoming content as well. One thing to keep in mind is not to post too much so that it looks cluttered but you need to make your audience aware about your upcoming content.

Supporting Fellow Artists

Support your fellow musicians, share their work with your audience and they will share yours. This is a two way thing and this is how you build your base in this industry.

Seek Press

Lift up your game by finding some amazing music journalists, bloggers and magazines that will happily share your work.